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Dew Drop – June 11, 2008

  Web Development AJAX-Style Uploader with Progress Indicator and Uploaded Files List (Joe Stagner) Basic ASP.NET SEO (Gunnar Peipman) To Cache, To Static, or To Session "When?" Is the Question (Jay Kimble) Two New Master Page Tutorials Published (Scott Mitchell) MVC Storefront Part 14: Ajax with Shawn Burke and SubSonic 3.0: IQueryable Update (Rob Conery) Anti-Spamability of […]

Review: MediaMonkey 3.0.2 – Part 1 – A Quick Overview

  Most, if not all, developers have a favorite media player. My tool of choice for audio files is MediaMonkey. I use it to listen to my MP3 music collection, Podcasts and Shoutcast streams. It is a powerful tool with advanced syncing, file organization and tagging functionality. The file formats supported out of the box […]

New iRiver Clix 2 MP3 Player Looks Sweet

iRiver’s new gen 2 Clix MP3 player looks like a great new alternative to the iPod Nano. Right now, it’s only available in a 4gb model for an MSRP of $199, but hopefully by the holidays the prices will drop a little and they’ll have an 8gb version. Check out the stellar review over at […]