Dew Drop – May 26, 2009

By | May 26, 2009


The Morning Dew is back after a day off the grid.


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One thought on “Dew Drop – May 26, 2009

  1. Tim Layton

    Here are some good resources for Windows Mobile Developers:

    Windows Mobile MSDN Home
    Everything you need to get started, code, test and deploy your applications can be found on the Windows Mobile MSDN portal.

    Windows Mobile Community Team Lead
    Constanze Kratel is a Community Program Manager with the Microsoft Windows Mobile team. She blogs about everything mobile and what’s going on for mobile developers.

    Windows Mobile Development Team Twitter is at

    Windows Mobile Team Blog at is a great place to stay up to date on Windows Mobile.

    Windows Mobile MSDN Code Gallery
    The Code Gallery is a great place to jumpstart your development knowledge as well as source some help.

    Smart Device Development Forums
    The Smart Device Development Forums is a great place to learn, share and ask questions when you need help.

    Windows Marketplace for Mobile Forums

    Windows Mobile Developer Portal at

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