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Dew Drop – March 24, 2014 (#1749)

Top Links Node.js and Visual Studio? Sure! (Shawn Wildermuth) Unit Testing Json Result data in WinRT applications (Derik Whittaker) The JavaScript Minefield (Jeff Walker) ReSharper 8.2 is Released Along with dotTrace, dotCover Updates (Daria Dovzhikova)   Web Development Everyone Who Tried to Convince Me To Use Ember Was Wrong (Rob Conery) Do HTML5 apps have […]

Dew Drop – January 9, 2014 (#1698)

Top Links Two great Kickstarter projects ending soon: Durandal JavaScript framework and bitCommander File Manager (Jon Galloway) Creating an instance of an open generic type without specifying a type argument (Kirill Osenkov) XAML Improvements in ReSharper 8.1 (controlflow) Author news: What would YOU like to see presented at //build this year? (Devon Musgrave)   Web […]

Dew Drop – November 11, 2013 (#1664)

Top Links Code Maps in Visual Studio 2013 (Peter Bromberg) Extending Visual Studio 2013, Part 2: Core Concepts (Schabse Laks) XAML Spy is Now Free (Jonathan Allen) Deploying Socket.IO App to Windows Azure Web Site with Azure CLI (Shiju Varghese)   Web Development Inversion of Control in ASP.NET Web API (Bates Westmoreland) Office Web Apps […]

Dew Drop – November 8, 2013 (#1663)

Top Links Script References in Visual Studio 2013 (James Chambers) IE11 for Windows 7 Globally Available for Consumers and Businesses (Rob Mauceri & Sandeep Singhal) First Wave of TV & Entertainment Apps Coming to Xbox One Unveiled (Xbox Wire) ReSharper SDK Now Available on NuGet and ReSharper 8.1 EAP Guidance for Extensions (Matt Ellis)   […]