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Dew Drop – April 23, 2014 (#1761)

Top Links Dear developers: Please start using changelogs for Windows Phone 8.1 apps (Daniel Rubino) Migrating from NHibernate to Entity Framework (Jimmy Bogard) Amazon’s smartphone reportedly favors tilting gestures over buttons (Chris Welch) Windows Phone 8.1 Preview reportedly installed on over a million devices in one week (Sam Sabri)   Web Development httpi – A […]

Dew Drop – March 7, 2014 (#1738)

Top Links Deep dive into Windows Phone 8 Messaging (Adam Fraser) Migrate away from MSBuild-based NuGet package restore (Xavier Decoster) Living with unchecked exceptions, part two (Eric Lippert) TDD is Agile’s Super-hot Friend! (Addie Ben-Yehuda) Android and Java Developers: We Have a SignalR SDK for You! (Olivier Bloch)   Web Development ASP.NET Web API Tip: […]

Dew Drop – February 11, 2014 (#1720)

Top Links Bill Gates on his new role at Microsoft: ‘I make sure we pick ambitious scenarios’ (Taylor Soper) Nokia’s Android phone: X marks the forked spot? (Mary Jo Foley) Use iBeacons in Android with C# (Mike Bluestein) Getting Started with SignalR – and not a Chat room in sight! (Samuel Jack)   Web Development […]

Dew Drop = February 3, 2014 (#1715)

Congratulations to all of my followers in the Seattle area on the big Super Bowl win last night! Top Links The Sixth Level of Code Generation (Kathleen Dollard) OzCode– 4 Star Help with Debugging (Jesse Liberty) Winning among friends (Eric Brechner) What would Satya Nadella be like as the new CEO of Microsoft? (Emily Parkhurst) […]