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Dew Drop – June 10, 2016 (#2269)

Top Links Thank you for watching dotnetConf 2016! (Beth Massi) Node Hero – Node.js Unit Testing Tutorial (Gergely Nemeth) Microsoft releases free trial version of Minecraft Education Edition to teachers (Mary Jo Foley) Tracking down a performance hit (Jon Skeet)   Web/Cloud Development The Node.js MySQL Driver Doesn’t .end() As Gracefully With Connection Pooling (Ben […]

Dew Drop – April 26, 2016 (#2238)

Top Links Migrate your Application Insights mobile app to HockeyApp today (Joshua Weber) Intel’s contributions to the Windows Bridge for iOS: The Accelerate Framework (Simonjit Dutta & Nick Gerard) Everything about Docker I learned from Minecraft (Jeff Fritz) Anatomy of a Low Impact Visual Studio Install (Art Leonard)   Web Development Optimizing Google PageSpeed to […]

Dew Drop – January 18, 2016 (#2169)

Top Links Peasy – An easy to use middle tier framework for .net (Aaron Hanusa) Learn Roslyn Now: Part 16 The Emit API (Josh Varty) Optimize your UWP app without laziness (Rudy Huyn) Technical Debt: A Definition (Ted Neward)   Web Development Parallel JavaScript with ParallelJS (Florian Rappl) JQuery 3.0 Beta Marks 10th Anniversary (Ian […]

Dew Drop – July 29, 2015 (#2063)

Top Links Windows 10 review (Tom Warren) Windows 10 Free Upgrade Available in 190 Countries Today (Terry Myerson) Windows 10 – Available for Business Today (Jim Alkove) RyuJIT Bug Advisory in the .NET Framework 4.6 (Rich Lander) .NET Networking APIs for UWP Apps (Immo Landwerth)   Web Development Class Attribute Interpolation Is Safer In AngularJS […]