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Dew Drop – April 29, 2014 (#1765)

Top Links Introducing the Microsoft .NET Framework Repair Tool (The .NET Fundamentals Team) Roslyn Update (Miguel de Icaza) New TDN Article Published on 5 Ways to Build Mobile Apps with Visual Studio (Michael Crump) Lowering in language design, part one (Eric Lippert) Here’s how NPR introduced the Internet 20 years ago (Amanda Kooser)   Web […]

Dew Drop – Anniversary Edition – November 1, 2013 (#1,658)

Tomorrow will be six years since I posted my first bunch of links. No, they aren’t really that interesting six years later. Have a look. Top Links Using a Surface 2 (RT/ARM) to get actual work done + Remote Desktop + Visual Studio + Azure (Scott Hanselman) – That was my plan. Already have a […]

Dew Drop – August 21, 2013 (#1,608)

Top Links New Guide: Dependency Injection with Unity (Grigori Melnik) Week of PostSharp, Day 3 – You are already using AOP (Gael Fraiteur) tangible T4 Editor 2.2.0 plus modeling tools – Released! (Nico Ploner) PlayScript and What is new on Mono (Miguel de Icaza)   Web Development Using the Windows Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN) […]

Dew Drop – December 14, 2012 (#1,463)

Top Links ASP.NET and Web Tools 2012.2 (Release Candidate) (Scott Hanselman) Refactoring Switch Statements to Dictionaries (Joel Ross) Windows Store App with Caliburn.Micro – Getting Started (Phillip Haydon) Building Back-end Data and Services for Windows 8 Apps: Windows Azure Mobile Services (G. Andrew Duthie)   Web Development The new Facebook application template and library for […]