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Dew Drop – December 18, 2013 (#1686)

Top Links Exploring TypeScript: TODO MVC Sample (Bill Wagner) Introducing ASP.NET Web API Throttling handler (Stefan Prodan) Getting Started with Azure, Node.js, and FogJS on Windows (Daniel Mohl) Take Advantage of iOS 7’s New Features (Wallace McClure)   Web Development Learn JavaScript: Part 1 – Create a Starfield (Dave Kerr) JavaScript Functions is a Statement […]

Dew Drop – December 4, 2012 (#1,475)

Top Links CodeProject Article on Xamarin Cross Platform Development (Colin Eberhardt) Evaluating Certificates in Fiddler and FiddlerCore (Eric Lawrence) Nullable micro-optimization, part three (Eric Lippert) C# is the “Language of the Year” (Brandon Bray)   Web Development My Experience With AngularJS – The Super-heroic JavaScript MVW Framework (Ben Nadel) Working with Windows Azure command line […]

Dew Drop – February 2, 2012 (#1,257)

Top Links Learn jQuery in 30 Days (Jeffrey Way) [Special Edition] It’s Kinect day! The Kinect For Windows SDK v1 is out! (Dan Fernandez & Greg Duncan) Installing and Using the Kinect Sensor and Setting up your Development Environment (Dan Fernandez) Caliburn Micro Part 4: The Event Aggregator (Jason) Consuming “Data Explorer” published data feeds […]