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Dew Drop – May 21, 2011

Top Links Introducing Debugger Canvas (Kael Rowan) EF Power Tools CTP1 are Great for Code First (John Papa) Nuget development workflow should be the standard practice for any company. (Al Pascual) Happy 20th Birthday VB! (Greg Duncan)   .NET / Visual Studio Eduasync part 6: using the infrastructure manually and Eduasync part 7: generated code […]

Dew Drop – May 20, 2011

Top Links From Tombstoning to Fast Application Switching (Rudi Grobler) Domain Oriented NLayered .NET 4.0 Architecture Guide (J.P. Hamilton) How Technical Recruiters Get It Wrong – Part 1 (Jeff Blankenburg) CORRECTED: Microsoft Strongly Denies VB 6 Open Source Rumors, Sources Retract Statement (Kathleen Richards)   .NET / Visual Studio Want to help improve Visual Studio […]

Dew Drop – May 19, 2011

Top Links EF Power Tools CTP1 Released (Andrew Peters & Rowan Miller) dotPeek–JetBrains replaces .NET Reflector (Gunnar Peipman) Quick Look at Reverse Engineer DB into Code First Classes (Julie Lerman) Mango Rumours (Full list by WinRumors) (Rudi Grobler)   .NET / Visual Studio What Happens during a PLINQ Query? (logicchild) .NET library for Google Data […]