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Dew Drop – February 25, 2019 (#2906)

Top Links Introducing Microsoft HoloLens 2 (Microsoft HoloLens Team) Peacock – Late Night Coding FTW (John Papa) TechBash: New Website, New Features (TechBash Team) Use your favorite extensions with Visual Studio 2019 (Mads Kristensen) Web & Cloud Development React hooks and closure, there can be dragons (Paul Cowan) Returning Files from .NET Core or ASP.NET […]

Dew Drop – February 22, 2019 (#2905)

Top Links Desktop to Web: A WPF Developers Guide to Learning Angular (Brian Lagunas) Fixing Random, part 7 (Eric Lippert) How to Create, Use, and Debug .NET application Crash Dumps in 2019 (Michael Shpilt) Reflecting your feedback in Visual Studio 2019 (Jamie Young) Web & Cloud Development Accessing Configuration Settings in ASP.NET Core (Peter Vogel) […]

Dew Drop – February 13, 2019 (#2898)

Top Links Windows 10 SDK Preview Build 18334 available now! (Clint Rutkas) Easily Check Mobile Device Connectivity with Xamarin.Essentials (James Montemagno) A Tour of Angular Console (Sam Julien) Break When Value Changes: Data Breakpoints for .NET Core in Visual Studio 2019 (Leslie Richardson) Web & Cloud Development Turn Your Static SVG Drawings Into Interactive Widgets […]