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Dew Droplet – July 1-3, 2009

  I’m catching up a bit after the birth of our third daughter, Rubina Mae Ashcraft, on Tuesday afternoon. My sincere thanks to everyone who sent their congratulations on Twitter and Facebook. Apologies to the many great blog posts that have not been included. Congrats to all the new and renewed Microsoft MVPs this week […]

Dew Drop – Weekend Edition – April 11-12, 2009

  Silverlight / WPF MouseWheel Behavior for Silverlight (Nikhil Kothari) XPath (barely) in Silverlight 2 (Chris Cavanagh) Silverlight/WPF: Implementing PropertyChanged with Expression Tree (Michael Sync) Silverlight 3 – Navigation & Prettying my URI’s (Mike Taulty) Should Silverlight 3’s Out of Browser be Full-Trust? (Shawn Wildermuth) Silverlight 3 Book – Tell me what you want (Pete […]

Dew Drop – March 14, 2008

Misc Are Twitter Clients the New Hello World App? (Aaron Lerch) This Is Why You Need TeamCity Build Server (Sammy Larbi) Observations (Jeremy D. Miller) Using YAGNI Responsibly (James Kovacs) Saying YAGNI to YAGNI? (Rob Teixeira) FiOS Users Speak (John Czwartacki) Free Download: Keyboard Jedi (Learn all of your applications’ keyboard shortcuts) (Robert Shelton) New […]