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Dew Drop – February 15, 2013 (#1,499)

Top Links MVVM Light V4.1.27.0 in Nuget (Laurent Bugnion) Fun with Object and Collection Initializers (Jon Skeet) Introducing Semantic Logging (Grigori Melnik) Static constructors, part three (Eric Lippert) Understanding the Request Line (Eric Lawrence) Opera and WebKit: a personal perspective (Bruce Lawson)   Web Development Backbone.js Tutorial: Testing with Mocks (Alex Young) PeerJS: A Peer […]

Dew Drop – December 27, 2012 (#1,471)

Top Links Windows Blue is in the works, has a more customizable version of Metro (Grant Brunner) Windows 8 GridView, ListView and SnapView (Jesse Liberty) Backbone.js Tutorial: List Views (Alex Young)   Web Development 10 recent HTML5 canvas tutorials (Andrey Prikaznov) Windows Azure Mobile Services — Scheduler Scripts (Sasha Goldshtein) Windows Azure Training Kit December […]