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Dew Drop – February 1, 2018 (#2656)

Top Links Announcing TypeScript 2.7 (Daniel Rosenwasser) Entity Framework Core with .NET Core console application (Gunnar Peipman) Twilio Studio: The New Way to Build Communications (Donnie Wang) Hanselminutes – Empathy in Technology Product with Venture Capitalist Sarah Kunst from Proday (Scott Hanselman) Web Development In Node.js, The error.stack Property Will Represent The Point In The […]

Morning Dew Deal – Reactive Applications with Akka.NET – Discount Code

Manning Publications has a new MEAP (Manning Early Access Preview) title, Reactive Applications with Akka.NET. Reactive Applications with Akka.NET begins with an overview of reactive and a sample application written in the reactive style. You’ll learn concepts of the actor model and what these mean in a real-world reactive context. This hands-on book builds on […]

Dew Drop – September 10, 2014 (#1852)

Top Links Bart De Smet: Rx and Cortana | Going Deep (Charles Torre) New Splunk Tools for .NET Developers (Glenn Block) The Game of Life with Functional Swift (Colin Eberhardt) Revisiting AngularJS with TypeScript (Jeremy Likness)   Web Development No connection string named ” could be found in the ASP.NET MVC application config file: Solved […]