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Dew Drop – October 17, 2019 (#3053)

Top Links Debug JavaScript in Microsoft Edge from Visual Studio (Zoher Ghadyali) Goodbye Javascript! Build an Authenticated Web App in C# with Blazor + ASP.NET Core 3.0 (Heather Downing) Find your perfect database development style with Rider (Rachel Appel) Announcing Dapr, an open source project to make it easier for every developer to build microservice […]

Dew Drop – July 22, 2011

Top Links NuGet Package of the Week #9 – ASP.NET MiniProfiler from StackExchange rocks your world (Scott Hanselman) Mapping the Memory Usage of .NET Applications: Part 3, CLR Profiler (Sasha Goldshtein) Building @NuGetLatest in Two Hours (John Sheehan) Building a Better Web Application: Part 3 (Tobin Titus)   .NET / Visual Studio String Split Utility […]

Dew Drop – June 29, 2011

Top Links Xamarin Joy Factory (Miguel de Icaza) Google+ invite received, we go hands-on (Brian Heater) I Don’t Have Time for Unit Tests (Mike Hadlow) Reflector v7 Add-Ins (CodePlex)   .NET / Visual Studio Working with Co-Variance and Contra-Variance in .NET 4.0 (Abhijit Jana) Visual Studio 2010 RTM Virtual Machine Speed up (Gian Maria Ricci) […]