Dew Drop – June 8, 2010

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Top Links


.NET / Visual Studio

Visualization and Modeling Feature Pack is now Available! and Documentation Refresh (Cameron Skinner)

Writing to an XML File With Attributes (Deborah Kurata)

VS 2010 and Expression Tree Visualization (Patrick Smacchia)

Mono and .NET – some things you should be aware of (Dennis Delimarsky)

Sqlite-Csharp and NHibernate (Rob Ashton)

Announcing: VS2010 Productivity Power Tools and Modeling Feature Packs (Jason Zander)

Debugging .NET 2.0 Assembly from unmanaged Code in VS2010? (Rick Strahl)

readonly keyword (Arun)

Create Code Shortcuts in the Task List (Zain Naboulsi)

DirectX SDK – (June 2010) (MS Downloads)

Peering into the cloud with IntelliTrace (Somasegar)


Web Development

Encrypted Hidden Inputs in ASP.NET MVC (Ashic Mahtab)

A jQuery UI Combobox: Under the hood (Jörn Zaefferer)

Copy Code in HTML format with Visual Studio 2010 (Kirill Osenkov)

June 2010 release of Windows Azure Tools & SDK (Rinat Abdullin)

IE Diagnostics (Swathi Ganapathi)


Design / Methodology / Testing

Windows Azure Architecture Guide – Part 1 – Code Samples (MS Downloads)

No Domain-Driven Design in Rails? (Scott Bellware)

New Pex release 0.92: Rex and Silverlight (Jonathan de Halleux)

Exercise, Good Choices, and DDT (Jared Richardson)

Simple Branching Strategy Part 2: Implementation (John Sonmez)


Silverlight / WPF / Windows Phone

RIA Services Samples Project on CodePlex (Nikhil Kothari)

New Utility, Links and Tutorials for Path-Based Layout (Christian Schormann)

And the Windows Phone 7 “Rockstar” is… (Anand Iyer)

New Policies for Next Gen Windows Phone Marketplace (Brandon Watson)

Windows phone developers please hold on Blend 4 (Jaime Rodriguez)

Install problem with the Developer Tools CTP Refresh (Charlie Kindel)

F# Now Supports Silverlight (Jonathan Allen)

Enter to Win a Ball Watch by Creating One in Silverlight (Michael S. Scherotter)

Quick Tip: Applying Text Options throughout your WPF 4 Application (Pete Brown)

Expression Studio 4 launch–Blend, Web, Encoder, Design (Tim Heuer)

My favorite Expression 4 features (Somasegar)


Podcasts / Screencasts / Videos

Ball Watch Tutorial 1: Creating a Watch Application and Tutorial 2: Tracing Visual Elements and Tutorial 3: Animating the Second Hand and Tutorial 4: Using an Dash Pattern for Second Marks and Tutorial 5: Creating Concentric Circles and Tutorial 6: Animating Day and Night and Tutorial 7: Binding the Date Indicator and Tutorial 8: Preparing the Watch for Submission (Michael S. Scherotter)

Talking about Windows deployments with System Center and Orinoko (Matt McSpirit)

Major Bing Maps Announcements and SDK Release (Laura Foy)

Skinning with DotNetNuke 5 Super Stylesheets Layouts – 12 Videos (Andrew Stephenson)


Community / Events

NYC .NET Developer User Group Next Meeting: Next Thursday June 17th (Stephen Forte)

Introduction to SQL Server and Reporting (William Vaughn)

TechEd 2010 – Sunday and Teched 2010 – Sunday Part 2 and TechEd 2010 – Monday Morning (Andy Warren)

WWDC: Everything You Need to Know About iPhone 4 (Kevin C. Tofel)

Impressions of My First Day at TechEd 2010 (Brad M. McGehee)

Google Chrome Developer Update – Google I/O recap, new APIs (Ian Fette)

My Philly GiveCamp Experience (Brian Donahue)



Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008 R2 Feature Pack (MS Downloads)

The SQL Server backup – foundation of any Disaster / Recovery and T-SQL Tuesday – Give me my cores SSIS 2008! (Ted Krueger)

SQL SERVER – Merge Operations – Insert, Update, Delete in Single Execution (Pinal Dave)

CouchDB as the Personal Database (Michael Hunger)

Data Sync Service for SQL Azure (Bill Zack)



Oracle Installation guide for SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010 (Lightning Tools)



Adobe Interview (part 2) (Joe Smith)

If You Can’t Say Something Bad About It, You Don’t Know It Well Enough (Davy Brion)

Office is now live on SkyDrive! (Jason Moore)

Making it Big in Software: Get the Job. Work the Org. Become Great. (Jonathan Giles)

Wave 4 Web services go live! (Kip Kniskern)

Is the iPhone 4 Magical? You Decide. (Mitch Pronschinske)

Why Office? “Our business runs on Excel.” (Jennifer Kensok)

#Ebook Deal of the Day: The Ruby Programming Language – Only $9.99 use code DDTRP (O’Reilly Media)

Review: Getting Things Done (Grant Palin)


More Link Collections

Interesting Finds: June 8, 2010 (Jason Haley)

The Morning Brew #616 (Chris Alcock)

Daily Cloud Feed – Jun 7, 2010 (Jian Zhen)

Cheatsheet: 2010 06.01 ~ 06.07 (yuanjian)

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Links to New Platform Bits (Jason Zander)


The Geek Shelf

The Security Development Lifecycle: SDL: A Process for Developing Demonstrably More Secure Software