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Dew Drop – February 2, 2012 (#1,257)

Top Links Learn jQuery in 30 Days (Jeffrey Way) [Special Edition] It’s Kinect day! The Kinect For Windows SDK v1 is out! (Dan Fernandez & Greg Duncan) Installing and Using the Kinect Sensor and Setting up your Development Environment (Dan Fernandez) Caliburn Micro Part 4: The Event Aggregator (Jason) Consuming “Data Explorer” published data feeds […]

Dew Drop – January 31, 2012 (#1,255)

Top Links Modern Web Development – Part 3 (Shawn Wildermuth) Acting on file management feedback (Steven Sinofsky) Anonymous Types Unify Within An Assembly, Part Two (Eric Lippert) Currying vs partial function application (Jon Skeet)   .NET / Visual Studio Creating a Useful Task List in Visual Studio (Peter Vogel) Ask Ayende: What about the QA […]

Dew Drop – January 17, 2012 (#1,244)

Top Links Building the next generation file system for Windows: ReFS (Steven Sinofsky) Eduasync part 19: ordering by completion, ahead of time… (Jon Skeet) What is the defining characteristic of a local variable? (Eric Lippert) Struct vs. Class, Safety vs. Speed (Bill Wagner) A quick look at MetroRadio: quick spacing, margin, and icon tips for […]