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Dew Drop – September 26, 2011

Top Links Writing F# Type Providers with the F# 3.0 Developer Preview – An Introductory Guide and Samples (Don Syme) Using Entity Framework Code First with Stored Procedures that have Output Parameters (Dan Wahlin) Raising the right PropertyChanged with C# 5′s Caller Info Attributes (Rob Fonseca-Ensor) Are You a Software Developer — or a Leader? […]

Dew Drop – April 11, 2011

Top Links Phoney Tools 1.0 Released! (Shawn Wildermuth) TouchStudio – Script Your Phone ON Your Phone! (Jonathan de Halleux) BDD Antipattern: The technical spec (or why geeks need to speak business) (John Rayner) 12 Behavior Anti Patterns You Will Face As a Software Team Leader (Roy Osherove)   .NET / Visual Studio OData Service for […]