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Dew Drop – October 31, 2013 (#1,657)

Top Links Tucking ViewModels Beneath Views in Solution Explorer in Visual Studio 2013 (Karl Shifflett) Here we go again: will current Windows Phones upgrade to 8.1? (Kip Kniskern) Xamarin, Microsoft and .NET Rocks! Hit the Road (Joseph Hill) Visual Studio 2012 tools for Git RTM (Brian Harry)   Web Development The Differences Between HTML Form […]

Dew Drop – December 22, 2011 (#1,225)

Top Links Beginning LightSwitch Part 6: I Feel Pretty! Customizing the "Look and Feel" with Themes (Beth Massi) Taking a look at the Windows Simulator in Visual Studio 11 (Michael Crump) JavaScript as a First Language (John Resig) 31 Days of Testing—Day 18: Baseline Datasets (Jim Holmes)   .NET / Visual Studio Mixing Integrated Authentication […]

Dew Drop – June 3, 2011

Top Links HTML5? Ok, so let’s also deploy Microsoft Silverlight onto Android then… (Scott Barnes) Introducing Schema.org: Bing, Google and Yahoo Unite to Build the Web of Objects (Steve Macbeth) Using system alerts with the Windows Phone SDK 7.1 (Dennis Delimarsky) Dependency Injection With ASP.NET HttpModules (Phil Haack)   .NET / Visual Studio How to […]