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Something I emailed from my laptop or phone.

My Windows Phone App Wishlist

I love my Windows Phone, but the one thing that still needs improvement is the number of ‘big name’ apps available when compared to iOS and Android. This is a list of the ones that would make my day, in no particular order. I realize that there are apps for some of these, but I’m […]

Live Mesh and Vista UAC

  Wow…   I was thrilled to see that I got my Live Mesh invite email last night. However, when I tried to install the client software on my laptop, I got this error:     “Product does not support running under an elevated administrator account or with UAC disabled.”   I’m not sure why […]

Dew Drop – April 25, 2008

  Miscellaneous Software + Service (Ashish Jaiman) Ray Ozzie’s Latest Memo – Software Plus Services Strategy and Live Mesh – First Look Whitepaper and Microsoft’s Software Plus Services Website Goes Live (Steve Clayton) Two New Rosario Specifications (Charles Sterling) Books: We Need More ‘So What’, ‘Now What’ and ‘What For?’ and Less Just ‘What’ (Scott […]