Dew Drop – October 18, 2010

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Top Links

Ultimate Guide to speed up Visual Studio (Daniel Fisher)

Another EA, using generic interfaces (Glenn Block)

Installing and viewing MSDN documentation for off-line consumption (Jaime Rodriguez)


.NET / Visual Studio

Single Bank Platform: The Coming Together of C# and F# (Marc Davey)

re: Diverse.NET (Oren Eini)

MD5 string hashing – via a WCF service (Dennis Delimarsky)

Writing a Compiler in C#: Parsing, Part 1 (Sasha Goldshtein)

Creating an Office Communicator Application for Do Not Disturb (Pete Brown)

Make IntelliSense Transparent (Zain Naboulsi)

Custom IssuerNameRegistry to reduce WIF team development pain (Rory Primrose)

Installing OpenWrap from the sources and Using NuPack as a package repository in OpenWrap and Creating your own OpenWrap repository on a file-share (Sebastien Lambla)

HowTo: Messaging with MSMQ, an introduction (Code Inside Team)

Enums – Better syntax, improved performance and TryParse in NET 3.5 (Damien Guard)

OData’s DataServiceQuery and removing the .Expand(“MagicStrings”) –Part II (David Starr)

OData’s DataServiceQuery and removing the .Expand(“MagicStrings”) –Part II (Jason Jarrett)


Web Development

First release of jQuery Mobile (Matthew David)

Formatting F# source code for the Web (Tom)

RavenDB – The Image Gallery Project (XII) – Integrating our view with ASP.NET MVC (Rob Ashton)

HTML5 APIs fallback solutions with cross web browser polyfills (Rob Nyman)

Practical PHP Patterns: Record Set (Giorgio Sironi)


Design / Methodology / Testing

Call Agile Whatever You Want (Derek Huether)

Passion 101 (J.D. Meier)

Computers are learning our language (Steve Clayton)

Scrat 1.9 Is Now Available For Download (Shai Raiten)

Highly Recommended Book: ReWork (Davy Brion)

Test Lint Rules Summary (Gil Zilberfeld)


Silverlight / WPF / Windows Phone

Windows Phone Emulator and Fiddler and WP7 Ad Control Experience (Brian Hitney)

Intergate Bing Map with your Mobile Applications (James Shen)

Flickr API for Windows Phone 7 – Part 12 – Group Pools (Dennis Delimarsky)

Windows Phone Radio Episode 4 (Brian Seitz)

18 Good Reasons to Own a Windows Phone 7 (Don Burnett)

Silverlight and Sharepoint 2010: Getting Started (Walter Ferrari)

31 Days of Windows Phone | Day #17: The Pivot Control and 31 Days of Windows Phone | Day #18: WebBrowser Control (Jeff Blankenburg)

Authorization and Authentication using WCF Security – Silverlight (Mahesh Sabnis)

Architecting WP7 – Part 5 of 10: Tombstoning (Shawn Wildermuth)

Fiddler and WP7 Emulator – Working! (A. Amin)

Silverlight: Embed IronRuby within XAML Part 2 (Chris Pietschmann)


Podcasts / Screencasts / Videos

Major Nelson Podcast Show 374: Dead Space Ignition, MOH and Fallout New Vegas (Larry Hyrb)

Silverlight TV 49: Creating Rich Interactive Prototypes with Sketchflow – Part 2 (John Papa)

Windows Weekly 178: The Best Windows Phone (Paul Thurrott)

Windows Phone 7 Tour (Don Burnett)

Engadget Podcast 216 – 10.16.2010 (Trent Wolbe)

Technology & Friends Episode 120: Joel Dart on Reactive Extensions (David Giard)


Community / Events

CapArea.NET Silverlight SIG Moving to a New Location! and Joshua Blake on Natural User Interfaces @ CapArea.NET Silverlight (Frank La Vigne)



Bullet Charts in SQL Server Reporting Services 2008 R2: ‘How To’ Video (Jen Stirrup)

SQL SERVER – Change Column DataTypes (Pinal Dave)

Logging messages during a transaction (Simon Sabin)

Returning every document of a Type from RavenDB (Mike Glenn)

Find and Delete Duplicate Rows From Tables without Primary Key (Suprotim Agarwal)



What Is So Great About Ruby? (Justin Etheredge)

#Ebook Deal of the Day: Myths of Innovation – $9.99 (Save 33%) Code DDMOE (O’Reilly Media)

Leadership Tip: Hiring Good People Not Just Good Resumes Or Good Skillsets. (Rajiv Popat)


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