Dew Drop – October 12, 2010

Posting a poorly-sorted Dew Drop today. I’m in St. Paul, MN for a conference this week.

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.NET / Visual Studio

WCF LOB Adapter SDK (MS Downloads)

.NET Formatting Reference Sheet (Richard Carr)

Delegates in C# – attempt to look inside. Part 4 (Ed Guzman)

C# 5.0 And Beyond: Upper/Lower Case Format Specifiers (James Michael Hare)

Book review: LINQ Unleashed for C# (jdobrzanski)

Blend Bits 14: Fluid Movement (Mike Taulty)

How to parse key/value pairs in C# (O’Reilly Media)

Teach Visual Studio Your Own Language – Easy! (Rinat Abdullin)

Understanding QuickWatch (Zain Naboulsi)


Web Development

Running Open Source In A Distributed World (Phil Haack)

ASP.NET MVC 3 Go-Live License (Jonathan Allen)


Design / Methodology / Testing

Let’s Play TDD #34: Revising the Capital Gains Tax Abstraction (James Shore)

Unit Testing With a Base Test Class (Brendan Enrick)

10 Most Common Mistakes in Agile Adoption. Part I (firefalcon)

Howzat! – The new and improved Agile method (Julian Holmes)

Avast Combining the ScrumMaster and Product Owner, Matey! (Mike Cohn)


Silverlight / WPF / Windows Phone

Performance for Silverlight for Windows Phone 7 Applications (Cheryl Simmons)

Expression Studio for Developers and Windows Phone 7 Design Guidelines content available for download (Dave Isbitski)

Moving Between Devices with Silverlight/WPF/XAML (Don Burnett)

Richmond Code Camp X (Joel Cochran)

Silverlight FireStarter Live Streaming (#slfs10) (Kunal Chowdhury)

Silverlight 4.0 – Calling Secured WCF 4.0 Service hosted with SSL and Self-Signed Certificate (Mahesh Sabnis)

Book Review: Silverlight 4 In Action. Buy it. (Monica Mork & Erik Mork)

Windows Phone 7 Turnstile Control for Silverlight (Roberto Sonnino)

Announcing Two Weeks of Architecting WP7 Apps (Shawn Wildermuth)

Architecting WP7 – Part 1 of 10: Navigation Framework (Shawn Wildermuth)

Windows Phone 7 Devices Comparison Chart. Which one is yours? (Tauqeer)

Comparing Web video Technologies, from Flash to HTML5 to Silverlight. (thebeebs)

Introducing App Hub for Windows Phone 7 & Indie Game Developers (Todd Brix)


Podcasts / Screencasts / Videos

.NET Rocks! – Talking Internet Explorer 9 with Pete LePage (Carl Franklin & Richard Campbell)

Major Nelson Podcast Show 373: Another one without Major Nelson (Larry Hyrb)

Pluralcast 26 : Principles of OO Design (David Starr)

Ping 78: Spotify, John Gruber likes Windows Phone 7, Sick PC’s, Breast Cancer awareness (Laura Foy)

Twitter on Windows Phone 7: Hands on Demo (Laura Foy)

A closer look at the new AT&T Windows Phone 7 Devices (Laura Foy)

Fandango on Windows Phone 7: Hands on Demo (Laura Foy)

IMDB on Windows Phone 7: Hands on Demo (Laura Foy)

StartUp Success Podcast Show #85: And now for something completely different! (Bob Walsh)


Community / Events

Windows Phone 7 Unleashed Bellevue Recap (Monica Mork & Erik Mork)

Girls in Tech Chicago Meets Again in November! (Angela Binkowski)



Important DMVs to monitor CPU – SQL Server (Suprotim Agarwal)

SQL SERVER – Indexed View always Use Index on Index (Pinal Dave)



Handling Events in the SharePoint Ribbon (Andrew Connell)

Implementing Page Components in the SharePoint Ribbon (Andrew Connell)

***NOW AVAILABLE*** MSDN: Accessing SharePoint 2010 Data with the .NET Client Object Model (Andrew Connell)

Top 10 Best Practices for Achieving SharePoint Success by Bill English (Dux Raymond Sy)



Episode 45 Revisit Developer & Tester Roles (Coding QA)

How Technical Debt Ties to Cloud, Mobile and Social (agile_exec)

Hosting Company MediaTemple Gets an API (Alex Stone)

The Facebook API: An Ever-changing Source of Frustration? (Alex Stone)

The Caveats of Time Zone Names [Greg] (BCL Team)

The Microsoft MVP Program (Brent Ozar)

Presentation:Software Craftsmanship, Beyond The Hype (Corey Haines)

October Philly.Net CodeCamp – another great helping of community and content (Dave Isbitski)

Tecnology and Friends Episode 119: Joe Brinkman on DotNetNuke (David Giard)

Entity Designer Improvements Preview (dpblogs)

Back to Basics – OnBeforeUnload Event (Gil Fink)

Using Overlay Icon API to Make Client Notifications in IE9 (Gil Fink)

Presenting with Live Meeting Tips and Tricks (Think “12 minutes toward Live Meeting Mastery”) (Greg Duncan)

Forgotten T-SQL Cheat Sheet (Jen McCown)

A Simple Wrapper To Make Things More Fluent (John Sonmez)

A Profiler for WP7 Dev Now Available (keyboardP)

Multiple variables in a using statement (Kirill Osenkov)

Multiple variables in a using statement (Kirill Osenkov)

How far can development tool take you? (Martin Bell)

How far can development tools take you – part 2? (Martin Bell)

Book Review: Microsoft Entity Framework in Action (Muhammad Mosa)

Fluent Search Interface with some Func (Deran Schilling)

A functional wrapper over ADO.NET (mausch)

A functional wrapper over ADO.NET (part 2) (mausch)

Paint on a canvas like Van Gogh (Giorgion Sironi)

Procrastination FTW – LazyListBox Should Improve your Scrolling Performance and Responsiveness (Peter Torr)

November 2010 NY Metro Developer Events (Rachel Appel)

[PowerShell Script] Troubleshooting for Port Exhaustion Using NetStat (rafarah)

Presentation:Functional Languages 101: What’s All the Fuss About? (Rebecca Parsons)

The New “App” (Robby Ingebretsen)

Custom Workflow activity for business failure evaluation–Part 2 (Rory Primrose)

Custom Workflow activity for business failure evaluation–Part 3 (Rory Primrose)

All-In-One Code Framework Coding Standards (Sasha Goldshtein)

Best of Bing 4 (Sunshine)

Software Test Plan and Design (texsum)

Google’s Chrome OS may launch on November 11 (Vlad Bobleanta)


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