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Dew Drop – December 10, 2013 (#1680)

Top Links New Durandal Opportunities for Companies, User Groups and Community Organizers (Rob Eisenberg) Probable C# 6.0 features illustrated (Damien Guard) Visual Studio 2013.1 RC is Available (Brian Harry) Unit testing imports in MEF – Loving that lazy interface (Pete O’Hanlon)   Web Development A Beginner’s List of JavaScript Gotchas (Catalin Red) ASP.NET Web API […]

Dew Drop – April 12, 2013 (#1,526)

Top Links Announcing Channel 9 Notifications (Karsten Januszewski) PhoneGap 2.6 Released (Ben Forta) New Fiddler Site Released (Brendan Enrick) Hanselminutes – Practical Rest with Sebastien Lambla (Scott Hanselman)   Web Development Understanding JavaScript Inheritance (Alex Sexton) Ignite UI and NetAdvantage for ASP.NET DOCTYPE Support (Aaron Marisi) Baby steps to Backbone.js: Exploring collections. Part 2. (Alexander […]

Dew Drop – January 25, 2013 (#1,487)

Top Links Get Started with ASP.Net AJAX Controls: An AJAX Dashboard (Jeff Fritz) Integrating Mozilla Persona with ASP.NET (Scott Hanselman) Portable MVVM Light – Move Your View Models (Shayne Boyer) Bringing OData to Team Foundation Service (Brian Keller)   Web Development Book review: Hello! HTML5 & CSS3 (Mike James) TypeScript Walkthrough: Interfaces (Ryan Cavanaugh) Hosting […]

Dew Drop – January 17, 2013 (#1,481)

Top Links Working on TypeScript 0.8.2 (Jonathan Turner) Nullable micro-optimizations, part six (Eric Lippert) MEF 2.0 – mini series: part 5 (Fluent export properties) and MEF 2.0 – mini series: part 6 (Composition scoping and lifetime management) (Bnaya Eshet) jQuery 1.9 final, jQuery 2.0 beta, Migrate final released (Dave Methvin)   Web Development Node Roundup: […]