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Dew Drop – December 19, 2013 (#1687)

Top Links Join Durandal. Build the Next Web. (Rob Eisenberg) Registry keys to configure Watson and automatically save full dumps locally (Kirill Osenkov) Hello Nancy (Filip Ekberg) Morning Dew Deal Alert – Packt’s $5 eBook Bonanza is Back #ebookbonanza (Me)   Web Development The story behind _references.js (Mads Kristensen) DevExpress ASP.NET Grid Control Introduces Batch […]

Dew Drop – December 16, 2013 (#1684)

Top Links Mark your calendars: Announcing Build 2014 (Jeffrey Meisner) Reflector 8.3 released (Roger Hart) Learning TypeScript: Hello World (Bill Wagner) Visual Studio and TFS 2013 List of Product Updates (Part 1) and Visual Studio & TFS 2013 – List of extensions and tools (Part 2) (Terje Sandstrom)   Web Development ASP.NET MVC 5 and […]

Dew Drop – December 2, 2013 (#1674)

Top Links Understanding JavaScript Object Creation Patterns (Colin Eberhardt) Announcing the F# 3.1 Compiler/Library Code Drop (from the Visual F# Tools Team at Microsoft) (Don Syme) SPA and the Single Page Myth (John Papa) dotMemory 4.0 EAP: .NET Memory Profiler Resuscitation (Maarten Balliauw)   Web Development AspNet.Identity.RavenDB: Fully asynchronous, new and sweet ASP.NET Identity implementation […]

Dew Drop – November 25, 2013 (#1671)

Top Links Windows Azure: General Availability Release of BizTalk Services, Traffic Manager, Azure AD App Access + Xamarin support for Mobile Services (Scott Guthrie) Introducing node.js Tools for Visual Studio (Scott Hanselman) Microsoft Enterprise Library – Open Development Model (Grigori Melnik) Circular assembly references in the .NET framework (Kirill Osenkov)   Web Development Developing Windows […]