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Dew Drop – May 7, 2013 (#1,542)

Top Links One ASP.NET: Nancy.Templates for Visual Studio (Scott Hanselman) An Editor Pattern for Knckout.js Using TypeScript Inheritance (Steve Michelotti) Producing permutations, part seven (Eric Lippert) Glimpse 1.3.1 released (Anthony van der Hoorn)   Web Development Windows Azure SQL Data Sync – The Maximum Limit For Index or Statistics Key Column List is 16 and […]

Dew Drop – April 24, 2013 (#1,534)

Top Links Decompiling C# Code with ILSpy and PowerShell (Adam Driscoll) The First [12] Steps in using Caliburn Micro to build awesome Windows Phone 8 App’s (Greg Duncan) Using Visual Studio’s Javascript Memory Analysis tool to find memory leaks on your Windows 8 Javascript app (David Catuhe) 3 Things You Need to Start Doing to […]

Dew Drop – April 23, 2013 (#1,533)

Top Links Introducing: Code Digger, an extension for VS2012 (Nikolai Tillmann) Announcing TypeScript 0.9 early previews (Jonathan Turner) Microsoft’s Blue: What will developers do? (Mary Jo Foley) Producing permutations, part three (Eric Lippert)   Web Development Introducing: Practical JavaScript (Peter Vogel) Magic Numbers in CSS (Chris Coyier) [Sample Of Apr 22nd] Client templating with jQuery […]