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Dew Drop – November 13, 2013 (#1666)

Top Links NuGet 2.7.2 (CodePlex) Math from scratch, part thirteen: multiplicative inverses (Eric Lippert) One ASP.NET – Welcome to the Web Development Buffet! (Jeffrey T. Fritz) What’s New in Graphics and Game Development in Visual Studio 2013 (Michael B. McLaughlin)   Web Development HTML5 Resource of the Day Round-up (Brent Schooley) HTML Imports and Multi-Line […]

Dew Drop – November 11, 2013 (#1664)

Top Links Code Maps in Visual Studio 2013 (Peter Bromberg) Extending Visual Studio 2013, Part 2: Core Concepts (Schabse Laks) XAML Spy is Now Free (Jonathan Allen) Deploying Socket.IO App to Windows Azure Web Site with Azure CLI (Shiju Varghese)   Web Development Inversion of Control in ASP.NET Web API (Bates Westmoreland) Office Web Apps […]

Dew Drop – October 29, 2013 (#1,655)

Top Links cloud data for TouchDevelop released today (Nikolai Tillmann) Math from scratch, part ten: integer comparisons (Eric Lippert) TypeScript Support in ReSharper 8.1 (Dmitri Nesteruk) Code Review Like You Mean It (Phil Haack)   Web Development Test-Driven Development with Content Negotiation in the Web API (Peter Vogel) Improved tracking with the attribute – HTML5 […]