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Dew Drop – August 14, 2013 (#1,603)

Top Links Releasing a Planning Poker Application and multi sprint burn down chart (Charles Sterling) Icenium Release 1.7 Available (Jim Cowart) Designing and building user interfaces for Windows (Moneta Ho Kushner) Visual Studio 2013 Preview: Code Map Debugger Integration (Zain Naboulsi)   Web Development Overcoming HTML5’s Limitations (Seth Hallem) Extract Interface Refactoring for PHP (Maarten […]

Dew Drop – July 30, 2013 (#1,595)

Top Links Download Visual Studio 2013 while your feedback still matters (Scott Hanselman) A contravariance conundrum (Eric Lippert) Windows Phone app building tools you might not know about (Adam Denning) No Comment: Why Commenting Code is Still a Bad Idea (Peter Vogel)   Web Development Debug Node.js applications in Windows Azure Web Sites (Tomasz Janczuk) […]

Dew Drop – June 27, 2013 (#1,574)

Top Links BUILD 2013 Detailed Keynote: introduction and demonstrations and BUILD 2013 Detailed Keynote: for developers and BUILD 2013: What is new in Windows Runtime and BUILD 2013: What is new in XAML (highlights) (Iris Classon) – There were lots of great summaries by developers attending //build/ but Iris’ were the best. Build 2013 and […]