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Dew Drop – August 3, 2015 (#2066)

Top Links Roaming Extension Manager: Control and Consistency down to the last Extension (Peaky Yuter) Creating Visual Studio Code Tasks for Shell Commands (Etienne van Delden) TWC9: Windows 10, Windows 10, Windows 10, Win2D, Modern C++ and more… | This Week On Channel 9 (Greg Duncan, Vladimir Kolesnikov & Nikola Metulev) Report: Windows 10 is […]

Dew Drop – October 28, 2014 (#1886)

Top Links European Datacenter & REST 1.0 (Jamie Cool) – REST API for VS Online announced. EF7 – v1 or v7? (Rowan Miller) 5 Ways Software Developers Can Become Better at Estimation (John Sonmez) Building a working Robot controlled by an iPhone, C#, and Monkey.Robotics (Scott Hanselman) Telerik DevCraft Release for .NET Devs to Go […]

Dew Drop – June 23, 2014 (#1801)

Top Links It Is Time to Learn JavaScript (Shawn Wildermuth) VB Universal Windows App Part 5: calling into platform-specific APIs from PCL and VB Universal Windows App: downloads (Lucian Wischik) iOS 8 support (Miguel de Icaza) Porting an App Studio Windows Phone 8 Silverlight Project to Android Using Xamarin (Josh Morales)   Web Development Inspecting […]