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Dew Drop – June 3, 2014 (#1789)

Top Links Extend Visual Studio with NuGet PowerShell commands basis and WAQS NuGet PowerShell command usage: init ViewModel using Roslyn (Matthieu Mezil) Anti-pattern: parallel collections (Jon Skeet) Xamarin 3.0 and Xamarin.Forms – Getting Started (Kevin Ford) Apple Launches Swift, A New Programming Language For Writing iOS And OS X Apps (Frederic Lardinois)   Web Development […]

Dew Drop – April 2, 2014 (#1756)

Top Links Code Metrics PowerTool for Visual Studio 2013 Available on Microsoft Download Center (Charles Willis) Happy 10th Channel 9 and Happy Anniversary Channel 9, From Satya (Larry Larsen) .NET Rocks! – Future Javascript with Scott Allen (Carl Franklin & Richard Campbell) Getting Started with Project Spark on Xbox One (Michael Cummings)   Web Development […]