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Dew Drop – November 21, 2014 (#1901)

Top Links PostSharp 4.1 Preview 1: Support for Xamarin & Visual Studio 2015 (Gael Fraiteur) New Features in C# 6 (Mads Torgersen) One Week of Open Source (Immo Landwerth) Real-Time Code Iteration with Sketches (Mike Bluestein)   Web Development Using Plupload With Amazon S3 And Imgix In AngularJS (Ben Nadel) Video: Functions in JavaScript and […]

Dew Drop – October 29, 2014 (#1887)

Top Links Celebrating HTML5 Recommendation with the W3C (IE Team) Azure: New Marketplace, Network Improvements, New Batch Service, Automation Service, more (Scott Guthrie) Use Your C# Skills to Build Native iOS, Android and Windows Phone Apps with Telerik UI for Xamarin (Nikolay Diyanov) Microsoft opens up about more Windows 10 preview features in the works […]

Dew Drop – October 28, 2014 (#1886)

Top Links European Datacenter & REST 1.0 (Jamie Cool) – REST API for VS Online announced. EF7 – v1 or v7? (Rowan Miller) 5 Ways Software Developers Can Become Better at Estimation (John Sonmez) Building a working Robot controlled by an iPhone, C#, and Monkey.Robotics (Scott Hanselman) Telerik DevCraft Release for .NET Devs to Go […]