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Dew Drop – August 11, 2009

  .NET / Visual Studio Precedence vs order, redux (Eric Lippert) RunAs in C# (Eugene Rosenfeld) Why do I see ExecutionEngineException, StackOverflowException and OutOfMemoryException on the heap when debugging .net applications? (Tess Ferrandez) Building a Hybrid C# / IronPython App Without Dynamic Type and Compiling Python Packages into Assemblies (Harry Pierson) EF4 – New Properties for […]

Dew Drop – June 23, 2009

  Web Development Spark View Engine – Release: Spark v1.0 (CodePlex via Chris Alcock) – Link of the Day The Perfect Web Framework (Chad Myers) Making a Sharp Dressed Web Form – Thin ASP.NET 8 (Chris Love) Make Web Requests Programmatically in .NET (Deepak Choudhari) MVC – Using Custom Routes (Michael Ceranski) Ben Livshits and […]

Dew Drop – June 3, 2009

  .NET / Visual Studio Windows Ribbon: Introductory Tutorial (MS Downloads) NHibernate Mapping – <map/> (Oren Eini) Updated Dbfile project on CodePlex (Jason Haley) How to Iterate Through All the Properties of a Class (Deepak Choudhari) Visual Studio 2010: Multiple web.config versions (Gunnar Peipman) Using the WPF Visualizer to debug applications in Visual Studio 2010 […]