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Dew Drop – July 31, 2008

Silverlight Silverlight 2 and HTML 5 – Being Online/Offline and Part 2 (Mike Taulty) Silverlight Data Binding and Value Converters (Tim Heuer) Concepts to Become a Silverlight Master (Series Part 4 – Security) (Bart Czernicki) Web Development Using JSON in ASP.NET (Dave M. Bush) Password: You’re Doing It Wrong (Karl Seguin) How to Implement Trackback […]

Dew Drop – July 30, 2008

Design / Methodology The Onion Architecture: Part 1 (Jeffrey Palermo) – Link of the Day Agile Software: Business Impact and Business Benefits (Steve McConnell) WCSF Application Architecture Tutorials – Layering and Design Patterns (David Hayden) A New Template for Team Foundation Server: .NET Objectives Agile Process Template and an Update to the Kanban Template (Charles […]

Dew Drop – July 29, 2008

.NET / Visual Studio Some Finalizer Pitfalls and Not All Bytes Are Exactly 8 Bits (Oren Eini) Finalizer vs. Application: A Race Condition From Hell and Guaranteed, Finalization Order Is Not (Sasha Goldshtein) CBR/CBZ Comics in C# (thund3rstruck) ReSharper 4.0 Lambda Refactoring (David Starr) Countdown to F# CTP (Chris Smith) There’s Usually an Easier Way […]