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Dew Drop – June 29, 2012 (#1,354)

Top Links Windows Phone 8 is the reset we have to have. (Scott Barnes) OpenAccess ORM – Another Free Tool in the Telerik’s Awesome Arsenal! (Telerik Team) First look at the Windows Phone 8 Marketplace (Todd Brix) jQuery Core: Version 1.9 and Beyond (Dave Methvin)   .NET / Visual Studio System Center 2012 Visual Studio […]

Dew Drop – April 20, 2012 (#1,310)

Top Links null is not false, part three (Eric Lippert) Free 1-Month Subscription to the ASP.NET MVC with EF Code First, HTML5, and jQuery Course (Dan Wahlin) Managing "BYO" PCs in the enterprise (including WOA) (Steven Sinofsky) XNA on Windows 8 Metro (Miguel de Icaza) Wanted!! Great Windows 8 Metro style apps (Jaime Rodriguez)   […]

Dew Drop – February 14, 2012 (#1,265) ♥

Top Links Service Bus support in azure npm 0.5.2 (Glenn Block) Bad Metaphors (Eric Lippert) Quick fun with Mono’s CSharp compiler as a service (David Ebbo) Submitting your Windows 8 apps (Antoine Leblond)   .NET / Visual Studio Limit your abstractions: Commands vs. Tasks, did you forget the workflow? (Oren Eini) Fix for Visual Studio […]