MSDN Ultimate Contest #1 – Winner Announcement

I received a lot of great entries for the first MSDN giveaway this week, which made it very difficult to choose a winner. In the end I selected Marc Scheuner because I felt he most closely fits the ‘community influencer’ mold. He has been an MVP in previous years and has answered thousands of questions on Stack Overflow. I giving him the subscription will have the greatest impact on the community. I will be contacting Marc shortly to work out the details.

Remember there is still a second contest that does not end until next Friday. Check out the original post for all the information. The competition is still wide open!

Best of luck and congratulations to Marc!!!


.NET Devs: Need an MSDN Ultimate Subscription? Here are Two Chances to Win One

Like my fellow Microsoft MVPs under the development umbrella, I have been given some MSDN Ultimate licenses to give to influential members of the community. I have found a deserving home for one of them. To find homes for the other two licenses, I decided to have two separate contests.

This hopefully goes without saying (Yes, I am saying it), but these licenses are not for resale. They have unique, traceable keys. Please enter the contests only if you really need the software and plan to give back to the community in some way as a result of winning.

Here are some things not included in these licenses, which would be available with a paid MSDN Ultimate subscription: MSDN Magazine, support calls, Office 2010 licenses.

Update: Office 2010 licenses are included for development and test purposes only.

Contest number one is simple. Send me an email at alashcraft [at] gmail [dot] com and explain (honestly) why you need the subscription and what you plan to do with the tools. Keep in mind that this is all about community. I will choose the winner based on need and community influence. I must receive your entry by Friday, July 9 at 8:00am EDT (UTC – 4) and will announce the winner at 12pm that same day.

For the second contest, I want to make things a little more challenging. Email me a .NET-related technical article to be published on as a guest post. The content must be original, written by the submitter, and not available on any other web sites or blogs. Please include a short bio for yourself as well. All must should be emailed to alashcraft [at] gmail [dot] com, and they must be received no later than Friday, July 16 at 8:00am EDT (UTC – 4). I will select the winner that weekend and announce the winner on Monday, July 19th. If I receive an overwhelming number of great articles, I may dig up some smaller prizes for 2nd and 3rd place (probably books). The winning post will be published the week of the 19th.

I will do my best to scan my spam folder for entries, but please try not to mention Viagra, cheap meds, free Photoshop software or foreign bank accounts in your emails to me.

Any attempts to shamelessly promote my blog or Twitter account will have no effect on the outcome of the contests but are welcome nonetheless.  Angel

If you have any questions, leave a comment, email me, or send me a reply on Twitter.



Fit in February Developer Challenge – My Official Weigh-In


If you haven’t seen the fitness contest that Caleb Jenkins has put together, you still have a little time. To get started, check out the Official Rules and join the Facebook group.

My official starting weight is 211 lbs. Here’s a picture I took of the scale while standing on it this morning:



Good luck to all!



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