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Dew Drop – May 9, 2014 (#1773)

Top Links Tuples In C#, A Useful Example (Peter Kellner) Fixing System.Core 2.0.5 FileLoadException, Portable Libraries and Windows XP support (Scott Hanselman) Speculations on Universal Windows Applications and beyond (Gunnar Peipman) IWP75: Tim Heuer on Windows Runtime XAML | Inside Windows Phone (Larry Lieberman)   Web Development Watching Object Literal Expressions In AngularJS (Ben Nadel) […]

Dew Drop – August 25, 2011

Top Links News Flash: Steve Jobs Resigns as Apple CEO (Paul Thurrott) Interactive Tutorial on Async Functions – just released (Joe Albahari) NodeJS on Windows Azure (Nathan Totten) How we use your PerfWatson data to identify Unresponsive areas (Shibani Basava)   .NET / Visual Studio F# Compiler IL Optimizations (Robert Pickering) Update for Microsoft Visual […]