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No top links today and the categories are a bit out of whack. I’m in between the MVP Summit and a two-week vacation. So, work is super-busy. Things should settle back to normal on the Dew later in March.


Web Development

Parallel.js: A JavaScript Multicore Processing Library Using Web Workers (Unknown Author)

Deleting Large Amounts of Records From A Table Without Truncating on Windows Azure SQL Database (Alexandre Brisebois)

Windows Azure SQL Database Cannot be Set to Simple Recovery Model (Alexandre Brisebois)

Templating in Javascript (amaranth)

Applying Validation for Queryable API in ASP.NET Web API OData (Anand Narayanaswamy)

CSS3 Responsive Menu (AramisGC)

Windows Azure Store: Expanded Availability (Craig_Kitterman)

Why CSS Rules are Evil in ASP.NET Web Forms (Dave M. Bush)

3 Great jQuery Conferences in 2013 (DevToolsGuy)

Working with Knockout.js Part 6: Working with text binding (Dhananjay Kumar)

The Problem Of CSS Form Elements (Gabriele Romanato)

The Problem Of CSS Form Elements (Gabriele Romanato)

Windows Store Apps, SVG, and HTML Interoperability (Jeremy Likness)

TypeScript: The New JavaScript? (Kai Tödter)

Simple HTML Formatting in Sublime Text (Kevin Griffin)

What is WinJS.Binding.optimizeBindingReferences about? (kraigb)

WebStorm 6 Release Candidate is Out! (ksafonov)

TypeScript Support in WebStorm 6 (Maarten Balliauw)

Using the REST Client within PhpStorm (Maarten Balliauw)

Design Choices: Return Values and Mocks (Giorgio Sironi)

New Customizable Templates in PhpStorm 6 for Doc Blocks and Code (rustam.vishnyakov)

jQuery 1.9.x and ASP.NET MVC 4 Applications (K. Scott Allen)

Finding Words by Synonym with Cinnamon.js (Thomas Park)

Massively Multiplayer Online Bomberman in HTML5 (Tom Kenny)

Access MS SQL from a node.js application using OWIN, in-process CLR hosting, .NET, and ADO.NET (Tomasz Janczuk)

Typeplate: A Starter Kit For Beautiful Web Type (Zachary Kain & Dennis Gaebel)



Daily Windows Phone Development News 26 Feb 2013 (Windows Phone Geek)

How to profile a XAML Windows Store App (Andrew B Hall – MSFT)

Now showing at a theater near you: The Windows Phone Challenge (Ben Rudolph)

C++ Structures and Data Bindings (Charles Petzold)

Solitaire and Spider Solitaire for WPF (Dave Kerr)

Announcing the first-ever Windows Phone Kid’s Art Contest (David Chen)

Advanced MVVM concepts using Contoso Cookbook: An analysis of a complete MVVM application: Part 1 ( (Gill Cleeren ))

Telerik releases XAML-SDK at GitHub (

Sharing AutoToDoubleTypeConverter – Useful for a XAML control developer (Kunal Chowdhury)

MVVM with Async – sample code (Lucian Wischik, MSFT)

An Overview of the Windows Phone 8 SDK Article (Michael Crump)

Windows 8 WinRT sideloading update (Rockford Lhotka)

2000 WPF Things #765 – WPF Data Binding Ignores CurrentCulture and #766 – WPF Data Binding Ignores Custom Formatting (Sean Sexton)

Quick Hits Issue #4: Tips for Windows Store Apps (G. Andrew Duthie)


Miscellaneous .NET

Configuring WCF Routing Without Code (Unknown Author)

WPF Layout Controls – StackPanel (Richard Carr)

Resharper is worth the money (Unknown Author)

Customize Git settings in Visual Studio (Andy Lewis – MSFT)

Visual Studio 2012 Tips Part 5 – Protect Your Code, Obfuscate (Dirk Strauss)

Building an Imgur Client for Windows Phone – Part 6 – Uploading UI (Dennis Delimarsky)

scriptcs – Living on the edge in C# without a project on the wings of Roslyn and Nuget (Glenn Block)

Windows 8–FlipViews, Data-Bound Items and Item 0 (Mike Taulty)

A Quick introduction to Hadoop Hive on Azure and Querying Hive using LINQ in C# ( (Anoop Madhusudanan))

Entity Framework Tips and Tricks | Visual Studio Toolbox (Robert Green)

EF6 Alpha 3 Available on NuGet (Rowan Miller)


Design / Methodology / Testing

Adopting Agile practices: still a good thing in 2013 (Unknown Author)

Agile + Retrospective (Administrator)

How Swarming Helps Agile Teams to Deliver (Ben Linders)


Other Mobile Platforms

Android tricks: flash bars (Jeremie Laval)

Free Xamarin Studio and Free Chapters 1-4 Professional Android Programming with Mono for Android and .NET/C# (jminatel)

Introducing Mandroid, Google’s remasculating new operating system (Rob Beschizza)


Podcasts / Screencasts / Videos

.NET Rocks! – Steve Smith is a Software Craftsman (Carl Franklin & Richard Campbell)

Introducing Image Watch – A VS 2012 Plug-In for C++ Image and Video Debugging (Charles Torre)

Herding Code 158: Nat Friedman and Joseph Hill announce Xamarin 2.0 (Jon Galloway & Co.)

Episode 216 – PowerScripting Podcast – Jake Robinson and Damian Karlson on PowerCLI (Jonathan Walz & Hal Rottenberg)

The Windows Developer Show Episode 106 – “One and Done” (Ryan Lowdermilk & Travis Lowdermilk)

The Nerdist Podcast – Ben Hoffman (Chris Hardwick)

What the Tech 154: A World Gone Mobile (Paul Thurrott)



Restart the SQL Server Agent Service using PowerShell (Unknown Author)

Using Excel to interact with a SSAS cube (Unknown Author)

Understanding GRANT, DENY, and REVOKE in SQL Server (Unknown Author)

Finding SQL Server Installs Using Powershell (Unknown Author)

SSRS – Micro Adjustments with the Arrow Keys (Kevin Conan)

Stupid me #2 – Where is my SSIS package executed? (Koen Verbeeck)

SQL SERVER – Beginning SQL 2012 – Spatial Unions and Collections – Abstract from Joes 2 Pros Volume 3 (Pinal Dave)

SQL SERVER – Cycle Clipboard Ring in SSMS – SQL in Sixty Seconds #045 – Video (Pinal Dave)

SQL SERVER – Beginning SQL 2012 – Basics of CONVERT and FORMAT Function – Abstract from Joes 2 Pros Volume 4 (Pinal Dave)



From the MVPs: Changes to the Team Site template in SharePoint 2013 (Devon Musgrave)



A Month of PowerShell – Day 26 (Changing Login Passwords) and A Month of PowerShell – Day 27 (Scripting SQL Objects) (Wayne Sheffield)



C++ Primer, 5th Ed (Mike James)

Microsoft Lync 2013 SDK and Visio 2013 SDK (MS Downloads)

Dear JobsBlog: What should I title my resume? (MS JobsBlog)

Keeping Blob Snapshots For a Specific Amount of Time (Alexandre Brisebois)

Your Mobile App: Bug Tested, User Approved (Anthony Rinaldi)

Enterprise IT: Strategies, Challenges, Outlook – Part 1 (Bob Rhubart)

The Engadget Show 41: ‘Space’ with NASA, SETI, Liftport and Mary Roach (Brian Heater)

Image Techniques for Creating Depth in Web Design (Carrie Cousins)

Go forth and tag as Nokia releases NFC Writer app for Lumia users (Daniel Rubino)

Announcing Microsoft “Data Explorer” Preview for Excel (Data Explorer Team)

Using nConf and Azure to avoid leaking secrets on GitHub (Dave Ward)

Author news: Kraig Brockschmidt’s “Windows 8 App Building Boot Camp” (Devon Musgrave)

Torque once, twice, three… with the MIT Licensed Torque2D and Torque3D engines (Greg Duncan)

Learning more about Pointer Events as the W3C publishes Last Call Working Draft (Jacob Rossi)

I’ll be speaking at TechDays 2013 Belgium and Netherlands next week (Iris Classon)

Engadget HD Podcast 338 – 02.26.2013 (James Trew)

Data Explorer hits full preview (Jamie Thomson)

Using the Domain Driven Design Bounded Context Concept to Shrink a Large Domain Model (Jan Stenberg)

The Gamification of Education (JD Meier)

Cross Frame Messaging with postal.xframe (Jim Cowart)

Top Five Pain Points Getting Started With Test Studio (Jim Holmes)

Announcing TypeScript 0.8.3 (Jonathan Turner)

Value Creation over Value Extraction (Jurgen Appelo)

Debugging Tile Updates and Toasts (Kraig Brockschmidt)

Shake Shake Shake! Harlem Shake! (Krystyl)

Windows Store Weekly: Rat on a Skateboard, PhotoWhirl, Hulu Plus, Chimpact, Fresh Paint | Windows Store Weekly and Ping 169: Hotel of the Future, Outlook scores, Imagine Cup for the girls, Crime fighting tech | Ping! (Laura Foy)

Create Dashboards; as sweet as Sugar! (Marjan)

People Talking Tech Episode 024 – Karen Lopez (Denny Cherry)

Video: Let Jenkins Manage Your Continuous Integration (Paul Ballard)

Working with .png Images (Peter Foot)

Travelling with Microsoft Surface RT (Richard Hay)

Sql Connection Strings in .Config Files vs. Source Control (Rick Strahl)

Custom query inputs in RavenDB (Rob Ashton)

Investigating RavenDB on Mono for reals (Rob Ashton)

Article: Application Security Testing: The Double-sided Black Box (Rohit Sethi)

Sergey Brin at TED: ‘The cell phone is a nervous habit’ (Russell Brandom)

The C++ REST SDK ("Casablanca") (Sana Mithani)

Being a Remote Worker Sucks – Long Live the Remote Worker (Scott Hanselman)

2000 C# Things #789 – Grouping Constants into Their Own Class and #790 – Property get and set Accessors Can Have Different Access Modifiers (Sean Sexton)

Designing games for Windows 8 (Andrew Spooner)

Code can change the world (Steve Clayton)

Developing for Internet Explorer for Xbox (Steve Clayton)

Inside ‘Caradigm’: Microsoft, GE aim to reshape health care — starting with data (Todd Bishop)

Lousy ABC cryptography cracked in seconds as Aussie passwords are exposed (Troy Hunt)

A better Twitter for Windows Phone arrives and Maluuba, a voice-activated personal assistant, comes to Windows Phone 8 (Michael Stroh)


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