Looking for Opportunities near Philly

By | January 13, 2013

[EDIT: 29-Jan-2013]: I have accepted a new position with Corporation Service Company (CSC) in Wilmington, DE and will be starting there on Feb. 4th. I am looking forward to the new challenges that lay ahead. Thanks to all of you who reached out over the last several weeks!


I recently (Nov. 2012) rejoined Allscripts in Malvern, PA as an Expert Software Engineer. I have enjoyed my time back at the company, getting to dive back into some WPF/MVVM work. I returned to work with a group of people that I like and respect. Unfortunately, I have good reason to believe that Allscripts has decided to close some offices this week, including the one in Malvern.

If any of my Philadelphia-area peeps knows of any great opportunities in the area, please reach out. Here’s a summary of my skills and professional interests.

Skilled with Work Experience

  • C#
  • VB.NET
  • WPF
  • MVVM
  • WinForms (with WPF interop)
  • JavaScript
  • SQL Server
  • Unit Testing
  • Agile Development (SCRUM, task boards, 2-3 week sprints, daily stand-ups, planning)
  • SSRS

Skilled, Strong Interest, but Only Experience is Personal or Used in Demos/Presentations

  • Windows Phone 7/8
  • WinRT XAML/C#
  • Cross-Platform Apps with both Telerik Icenium and DevExpress DXTREME
  • Cordova (PhoneGap)
  • jQuery/Knockout.js
  • Single-Page Applications
  • TDD
  • Pair Programming

Strong Interest, Some Knowledge, but Limited Exposure

  • Android Development
  • MonoDroid
  • MonoTouch
  • iOS Development
  • node.js
  • Windows Azure
  • KendoUI

I have nearly 18 years of development experience on the Microsoft stack now. I have a passion for what I do, which is evidenced by the fact that I have been awarded as a Microsoft MVP four times. I would like to find a company that shares my passion for Microsoft dev technologies. I am hoping to find an opportunity where I will be surrounded by other smart, passionate developers… someplace where I can continue to advance and grow my skills over a long period of time.

Here is a current copy of my resume. If you know anyone who is interested in hiring an experienced .NET developer, please send them my way. If you have multiple openings, I know of other great developers, testers and business analysts who will also be looking for work soon.





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2 thoughts on “Looking for Opportunities near Philly

  1. David Brabant

    Hi Alvin,

    Have you tried to send your resume do Siemens SMS (ex Shared Medical Systems) in Malvern? Guess you could find good opportunities there.


  2. Fred Stluka


    Send me an e-mail. I live in Malvern, and know lots of people. I get contacted by about 5 people a day, looking to hire me or ask me to find someone like me to work for them. So, I created mailing lists to forward such solicitations to. See:

    Sunish Abraham reads your blog and sent me this:

    Hey Fred,

    Happy New Year! Hope all is well…always good to see you at the Shareholders Meeting at Victory! I am not sure if you follow this guy (Alvin Ashcraft) but I read his blog (Alvin Ashcraft’s Morning Dew) and he just posted on his blog (http://www.alvinashcraft.com/2013/01/13/looking-for-opportunities-near-philly/) about work in the Philly-area…and the first person that I always think of who has his pulse on job opportunities (or know the right people) is you! If you had time, I would think contacting Alvin would be interesting (from reading his blog he seems to be very skilled in MSFT technologies)…


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