Morning Dew Giveaway – Programming with Scratch (eBook)

By | August 21, 2012

[EDIT: The two winners have been selected and will be notified very soon Thanks!]


It’s giveaway time.

Manning has released a new book by Dr. Majed S. Marji titled Programming with Scratch. Scratch is a programming language developed at the MIT Media Lab. You can learn more about it at


Here’s a little more about Manning’s book on Scratch:

Too often, the unfamiliar appearance and intimidating vocabulary of a standard programming language gets in the way of learning to think like a programmer. The Scratch programming language turns the tables, offering instead a colorful, comfortable programming environment designed especially for young coders. You build programs by snapping together graphical components, each of which corresponds to a standard programming concept. Scratch users get results immediately and are encouraged to keep exploring.

Morning Dew readers have a chance to win one of two eBook copies of Programming with Scratch. Just leave a comment below, any comment will do. You have until 11:59pm on Monday, August 27, 2012 to enter.

Just a reminder that multiple comments will not increase your chances of winning, and comments for unregistered users are moderated so your comment may not immediately appear.

Good luck!

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19 thoughts on “Morning Dew Giveaway – Programming with Scratch (eBook)

  1. Eric

    I’ve used Scratch with my sons to teach them about basic programming concepts, and they love it. I’ll be conducting a few Scratch sessions with my youngest son’s elementary school classroom this year, too.

    What’s nice about Scratch is that, besides being really easy to learn for kids down to about the age of 5 or 6, is that (at that age) it’s equally interesting to girls as well as boys. Some of the more advanced tools tend to skew towards boys’ interests, but Scratch encourages creation of a wide range of artistic, storytelling, and game creations.

  2. Stuart Cox

    My 9 year old enjoys using this to make his own Pokemon games. Its pretty cool. My 7 year old makes rocket games. A great program!

  3. Karl Metivier

    Scratch is something I will like to teach to my kids. Nice programming language.

  4. Adam

    Not sure what kind of applications one can create with Scratch, but am curious to learn about it.

    p.s. There should be a prize just for trying to beat this Captcha!

  5. Saurabh Jain

    I have already attended a 3 day training on Scratch and have a account as well. Would be a nice to read the book as well…

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