Dew Drop – June 22, 2011

Another post with incomplete categorization. I’ll be back from vacation next week.

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Ribbon Hero 2 (MS Downloads)

RavenDB in Practice, Part 2 – Using the Client API (Unknown Author)

How to verify validity of certificates with .NET (alejacma)

Why the Windows Azure VM Role is not necessary (most of the time) (Code Inside Team)

Mercurial Cheat Sheet and Visio Template Bonanza (Greg Duncan)

Adobe Flash Player 10.3: Hardware-Accelerated Rendering in IE9 (ieblog)

datajs 0.0.4 is out – very important release! (Marcelo Lopez Ruiz)

Using PowerShell to automate setting CopyLocal to false (Naeem Khedarun)

Tired of manual deployments? (Peter Gfader)

Developers Will Not be Getting their Hands on Mango this Week (WP7GIRL)

How the free market is a complex puzzle for Windows Phone 7 team to grok. (Scott Barnes)


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Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008 Analysis Services Step by Step (Step by Step (Microsoft)) by Scott Cameron