Dew Drop – June 7, 2011

Please pardon the lack of accurate categorization today. I have a busy day (and week) ahead.

.NET / Visual Studio

Compiler directive #Pragma reference (Abhijit Jana)

Surround generated code with #region while implement Interface (Abhijit Jana)

A working Test Track Pro Adapter for the TFS Integration Platform (MrHinsh)

With Visual Studio 2011, How To Add a Second Project To a Solution (Peter Kellner)


Web Development

Save 50% on O’REILLY: HTML5, jQuery and JavaScript Ebooks and Videos (DorisChen)

Creating a Custom ASP.NET MVC Project Template (Phil Haack)

Good JavaScript Reading, Part 2: JavaScript Gardens and Interventions (Joey deVilla)

ASP.NET MVC and Multiple Submit Buttons–Part 2 (Malcolm Sheridan)


Design / Methodology / Testing

Let’s Play TDD #112: It’s in the (Grid)Bag (James Shore)

CQRS EventStore v2.0 Release (Jonathan Oliver)


Silverlight / WPF / Windows Phone

Daily WP7 Development News June 6th 2011 (Windows Phone Geek)

Windows Phone 7 Mango Implicit Styles (Windows Phone Geek)

Fresh from E3: Xbox LIVE enhancements and new games for Windows Phone (Brian Seitz)

Coding4Fun Windows Phone Toolkit (Clint Rutkas)

SilverlightShow for May 30 – June 05, 2011 (Dave Campbell)

Silverlight Cream for June 06, 2011 — #1102 (Dave Campbell)

Silverlight 5 Features Local File System Access without using COM API (Kunal Chowdhury)

Proof That Microsoft Can Innovate: Apple Just Lifted Some Windows Phone Features (AAPL, MSFT) (Matt Rosoff)

Calling SL4iA Readers – Help Me Make Silverlight 5 in Action Better (Pete Brown)

200% Reflective Class Diagram Creation Tool (Sacha Barber)


Podcasts / Screencasts / Videos

David Neilsen Develops for the Cloud (Carl Franklin & Richard Campbell)

Audio of the 2011 E3 Xbox Media briefing (Larry Hyrb)

E3: Forza 4 Interview with Dan Greenawalt (Tina Wood)


Community / Events



SQL SERVER – Three Puzzling Questions – Need Your Answer (Pinal Dave)

Using SQL DMVs – sys.dm_db_file_space_usage (Vishal)



Upgrading and Fixing Email Enabled Lists in SharePoint 2010 (Joel Oleson)

MVPs for SharePoint 2010: Office 365: SharePoint Online & Instant Extranets (Lonnie Webb)



One click install NuGet Package and Console Applications (Unknown Author)

Windows Weekly 211: Windows 8 Revealed (Paul Thurrott)

Events This Week – June 6th, 2011 (Unknown Author)

The WeatherDotCom Widget for Orchard CMS (Unknown Author)

Microsoft .NET Framework 4 KB2468871 (MS Downloads)

WEDM 2011 SDK (MS Downloads)

Witch version of browser is used by the WebBrowser control? (Gian Maria Ricci)

Long-Awaited Forrst API Helps Connect Developers (Allen Tipper)

Building Trust with Your Team (Amr Elssamadisy)

Memory Mapped File Quirks [Greg] (BCL Team)

Xbox Live Getting Live TV, YouTube & Bing Voice Search (Ben Parr)

Halo 4 Is Coming: Here’s the Trailer [VIDEO] (Ben Parr)

Getting started with custom themes in Orchard (Bertrand Le Roy)

Cool stuff in FubuCore No. 6: Command-line (chadmyers)

The Morning Brew #867 (Chris Alcock)

Getting started with OpenNI and X-Box Kinect (donny)

The Ada Initiative (Dru Sellers)

Manage your screen captures in Expression Encoder (Elliot)

The Biggest Announcements Microsoft Made Today About The Future Of Xbox (MSFT) (Ellis Hamburger)

REST In Practice the book, RestBucks the sample (Glenn Block MSFT)

NHibernate.Envers – a quick introduction (Guardian)

Build incredible content-driven websites using Orchard CMS (hajan)

10 Million People Saying “Xbox Bing…” is 10 Million People Not Caring About Google (Holden Page)

Join us for BUILD (ieblog)

Daily Links 06/06/2011 (Jax)

Link dump for June 5th (Jeff Schoolcraft)

5 things you should know about Apple iCloud (Joe Wilcox)

Improved partition loading (Josef Richberg)

Planning Your Upgrade Well (K. Brian Kelley)

New Book: Introducing Microsoft WebMatrix (Kim Spilker)

Cloud Storage and more coming to Xbox LIVE (Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE’s Major Nelson)

Ping 103: DJ’ing with Windows 7, Hacker hired, Xbox usage, Panoramic street views (Laura Foy)

Cool tricks with Internet Explorer Developer Tools and datajs (Marcelo’s WebLog)

Harnessing PowerShell’s String Comparison and List-Filtering Features (Michael Sorens)

Microsoft mentors inspire future coders with retro gaming (Microsoft JobsBlog )

An end to the good times before they even start? … (mikehole)

Using null-coalescing to find item in multiple collections ( (Dror Helper))

Windows Client Developer Roundup 071 for 6/6/2011 (Pete Brown)

Processing.js 1.2 Released (

Messages and Distributed Systems (Rinat Abdullin)

Entity Framework 4.1 – Validation (Roopesh Shenoy)

A good leader won’t need to ask (Roy Osherove)

What to do if some people in the team just don’t want to take a task? (Roy Osherove)

Understanding “Why would Microsoft do that?” (Scott Barnes)

Interesting .NET Links – June 7 , 2011 (Senthil Kumar)

Server Architecture Object Model Overview (SharePoint Developer Team)

NYC .NET Developers User Group-> Next Meeting June 16 (Stephen Forte)

Documenting Link Relations with Web API (Steve Michelotti)

Confirmed: Halo gets re-imaged [UPDATED: video] (Steven Hodson)

Bing on Xbox: You are The Controller (The Bing Team)

New Windows Azure Service Management API Features Ease Management of Storage Services (Windows Azure Team)

Developers Will Not get ‘Mango’ Through Update (WP7GIRL)

New Editing Features in Eclipse plug-in for Android (Xavier Ducrohet, Android SDK Tech Lead)


More Link Collections

Cheatsheet: 2011 06.01 ~ 06.07 (yuanjian)