Your Chance to Win 1 of 50 Licenses for Red Gate’s .NET Reflector Professional

By | February 21, 2011

Most of my readers are probably aware of Red Gate’s decision to no longer offer a free edition of Reflector, the .NET assembly decompiler and analyzer. Much has already been said about the decision, and I am not going to jump in to debate the politics/ethics of the decision at this time. The fact is, Reflector is a great utility for any .NET developer’s toolbox. I think that, in the end, this move is going to create some competition in the market and hopefully drive Reflector and its competitors to deliver better, more feature-rich tools. We have already seen a couple of free alternatives pop up (here and here).

Red Gate has heard the concerns of the community and contacted me about running a promotion to help promote some goodwill. Over the next two weeks, you will have two chances to enter a contest sponsored by Red Gate. There will be 50 winners, each receiving a license for .NET Reflector Professional. There are two ways to enter:

  1. Leave a comment on this blog post. At the end of the contest I will choose, at random, 25 winners.
  2. Follow me on Twitter and tweet this message. I will choose 25 random winners from the list of tweets.

Hey @alvinashcraft. I want a copy of Reflector 7 from @redgate. #dewdrop

Here are a few rules/disclaimers/disclosures:

  • You can only win one license. If the same person is chosen in both the comments and tweets, another random name will be drawn.
  • The contest begins today, February 21, 2011 and ends on Friday, March 4, 2011.
  • Winners will be contacted no later than Tuesday, March 8, 2011.
  • As a Microsoft MVP and Friend of Red Gate, I have free NFR licenses for Reflector and ANTS Profiler for personal use. I have not been compensated by Red Gate in any other way.
  • Gifts, bribes, complements, etc. will have NO influence on the outcome of this contest.

Good luck and thanks for reading The Dew!



127 thoughts on “Your Chance to Win 1 of 50 Licenses for Red Gate’s .NET Reflector Professional

  1. Simon

    Love the blog, Alvin. I’ve used Reflector for years and would like to be considered for one of the licenses you are giving away.

  2. Arash Rahgozar

    Hey @alvinashcraft. I want a copy of Reflector 7 from @redgate. #dewdrop

  3. GlenH

    Please include me in the drawing for the free copy of Reflector. Thanks!

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  5. Mike Hudgell

    Hey alvinashcraft. I want a copy of Reflector 7 from @redgate. Now they’ve changed I think they’re going to have a battle keeping “feature-parity” with Resharper/ILSpy who are coming on really fast..

  6. Justin

    Very cool idea to promote Reflector. I’d love to keep it “free” by winning a Pro license.

    Thanks for providing this.

  7. Roger Jungchan Hsieh

    I am so eager to win a free redgate reflector tool from @redgate.
    Thanks @alvinashcraft

  8. Stephane

    Thanks Alvin and Redgate for doing this.
    I’ll love to win a free copy 🙂

  9. Rick Eberle

    Relector and ANTS are hard to live without. Please send me a free Reflector Pro. Thanks. BTW thanks for the work you do helping us keep up with whats going on.

  10. Morten Jacobsen

    A copy of reflector wouldn’t hurt!.. Keep up the good work with the Morning Dew!


  11. liviu


    I tried the free solutions, but i still like reflector 😉 ….


  12. Donnie Pruitt

    Please include me in the drawing for the free copy of Reflector. Thanks!

  13. Martin

    I’m huge fan of reflector, nice to have a license.
    Now I’m counting on JetBrains, hope they succeed in their free version.

    Thanks for the contest.

  14. Damien

    I’ve been dreading the thought of not being able to use Reflector – I’d love to carry on using it, rather than have to switch to an alternative or (shudder) go back to poring over the output from ILDASM

  15. Marcin Biegała

    Great idea. Reflector can save a lot of time.
    Best regards!

  16. Jose M. Pardo


    Not without my Reflector!

    Great contest. Thank you.

  17. Pyush

    Please count me in too.
    Thanks Alvin and Redgate for the licenses.

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  19. Ross Dargan

    Count me in:-) Love reflector – most useful tool ever.


  20. naraga

    reflector is must have tool. i have grown my klowledge of .net thanks to picking in base library with this tool.

  21. Matt

    Hey Alvin – I read your blog every day before I start working! Gives me something to look forward to in the morning. I’d love a free copy of Reflector, it’s an extremely useful tool to me! Thank you.

  22. Sylvain Taccucci

    Great, not a bad thing that Reflector is going kind of commercial, good for the competition, and probably goog for the future of Reflector, Toad followed a similar process….!

  23. Bob Millar

    Reflector going commercial is great for the community. The cost is reasonable and it will bring competition. Thanks for the opportunity to win a free license.

  24. Michael

    The cost is certainly worth the benefit for Reflector, but since you’re offering… I’d love a free copy!
    Great blog, btw.

  25. Tom MacAdam

    I’d love a shot at winning a license… thanks for the opportunity.

  26. Asif

    Have been using reflector for years and will continue to use it!

  27. Yuan Liu

    Thanks for this post, it is very nice to know the alternatives.

  28. dbock

    Thanks for posting the alternatives. Reflector has been great for years. Please include me in the contest to receive a free copy.

  29. Andre

    Hey @alvinashcraft. I want a copy of Reflector 7 from @redgate. #dewdrop

  30. Markus

    Love your tool. Saved me alot of time in debugging strange problems.

  31. DevTopics

    Sign me up! IMO RedGate would have generated much more goodwill had they allowed the free version to continue working forever, even if there were no new updates. Instead, they upset the developer community, and now there are at least two strong new competitors.

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  33. Sebastien

    Thanks for the contest … I would interested to get one 🙂

  34. Shai Goldberg

    Great contest.
    Reflector is a great tool, please sign me up.

  35. Alex

    Please don’t let me win, I don’t deserve it.
    But thanks for your blog.

  36. Doug Rohm

    Pick me 🙂 I’d love a copy of Reflector!

  37. Hetitor

    Nice contest in a very interesting blog!
    I hope win a Reflector License.

    Thanks in advance

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