Dew Drop – September 30, 2009

I’m taking the day off for my middle daughter’s 3rd birthday today, so no categories for you! Back to normal tomorrow.


Microsoft’s TechNet Release 77 Windows 7 Tips (Blake Handler)

SQL Server All, Some and Any Operators (Richard Carr)

Microsoft Releases Free "Security Essentials" AntiSpyware & AntiVirus Software – Available Now! (Blake Handler)

Using Microsoft’s Chart Controls In An ASP.NET Application: Programmatically Generating Chart Images (Scott Mitchell)

Chain Of Command And Passing Parameters (Charles Chen)

WPF MediaKit Updates (Jer Morrill)

Transact-SQL Operator Precedence (Richard Carr)

What happened in the Wave sandbox (Stephanie Hannon)

.NET Fireside Chats: Christopher Bennage on the ‘Getting Started with WPF’ Refcard (Me)

Duct tape programmers (Oren Eini)

re: Are you smart enough to do without TDD (Oren Eini)

LINKBLOG for Sep 29, 2009 (Arjan Zuidhof)

Interesting Finds: September 29, 2009 (Jason Haley)

Interesting Finds: September 30, 2009 (Jason Haley)

My favorite bug-tracking system (Jimmy Bogard)

Visual Studio Team System Events (Both VSTS 2008 and 2010) (Charles Sterling)

Agile Database Techniques using Visual Studio Team System Database Edition (Charles Sterling)

The Morning Brew #444 (Chris Alcock)

Silverlight tip – managing HTML (Corey Schuman)

Silverlight Cream for September 29, 2009 — #700 (Dave Campbell)

Code Cast 32 – Tommy Norman (David Starr)

Albacore AssemblyInfo Task vs. Nant Assembly Info Generator (Derick Bailey)

Episode #144: Learning the Iterator Pattern (Derik Whittaker)

Quickly Testing Various jQuery UI Themes on Your Website (Elijah Manor)

Tech Tweets for 29-Sep-2009 (Elijah Manor)

Increase Your Website Performance by Hosting jQuery with a CDN (Elijah Manor)

Interesting Finds: 2009 09.22 ~ 09.30 (yuanjian)

40 Desert Island (aka Portable) Web Dev Tools (Greg Duncan)

Want to try PowerShell? Then “Try PowerShell” (Greg Duncan)

Successive Method Calls With MoQ (Phil Haack)

Reporting Services resources (Joe Webb)

ObjectContext.SaveChanges is now Virtual/Overridable in EF4 (Julie Lerman)

Use SUSE Studio to Build a Linux OS From Scratch [Operating Systems] (Kevin Purdy)

Migrating Winforms to WPF (links to Info) (Lester Lobo)

Gtk# for .Net developers (Louis Salin)

Book Club: Design Sense (Michael Feathers) (Mark Needham)

LINQ – How to Use Custom SQL Statements (Michael Ceranski)

Stability first… then speed! (Mike Cottmeyer)

Double Shot #550 (Mike Gunderloy)

Upcoming Code Retreats (Corey Haines)

Running an Event on the Cheap (Jim Holmes)

CSLA .NET VB 3.6.3 available (Rockford Lhotka)

CSLA .NET 3.8.0 alpha 3 available (Rockford Lhotka)

CloudNews for 29th September, 2009 (Sameer Gupta)

Looking for Seattle-area participants for CodePlex Usability Study (Sara Ford)

Death to .NET Events (K. Scott Allen)

A new JavaScript CDN from Microsoft (Scott Koon)

Smart and gets things done *right* (Scott C Reynolds)

The SharePoint Data View Web Part-Episode 31 (SharePoint Pod Show)

Tell us what you think about Expression Blend 3 (Silverlight Team)

51 Tips, Tricks and Recipes with jQuery and ASP.NET Controls: Pre-Order Now! (Suprotim Agarwal)

Ship Software With Value (Tim Barcz)

Ruining your Test Automation Strategy. (Uncle Bob Martin)