Dew Dump – June 19, 2009


A final Dew Dump for your clicking pleasure while I enjoy my vacation at the NJ shore. It’s everything you would normally find in a Dew Drop post, without any categorization, formatting, etc. I’ll be back with the standard Dew Drop posts on Monday, June 22nd (or possibly a weekend edition tomorrow night… we’ll see).


Creating an Organizational Chart using C#: Part 1 (Tom Hearn)

Jason Diller and Daniel Crenna on TweetSharp ((author unknown))

WPF in PowerShell: PowerBoots 0.2 (Joel Bennett)

Session Attacks and ASP.NET – Part 1 ((author unknown))

Exploring how to use Expressions w/ Spark ((author unknown))

Using Extension Methods with Enumerations (Richard Carr)

Parsing with Active Patterns in F# (Adam Granicz)

Making Sure FxCop Warnings and Errors Break the Build (Ade Miller)

Agile is NOT a Religion (Ade Miller)

Class to handle HTTPS and non HTTP services (Al Pascual)

IIS Security Settings for Silverlight 2.0 (Al Pascual)

Developing for the Clouds (ASP.NET Debugging : ASP.NET)

LINKBLOG for June 18, 2009 (Arjan Zuidhof)

LINKBLOG for June 19, 2009 (Arjan Zuidhof)

Dynamics Duo: Silverlight and Jazz Hands (Ben Riga)

Explore Pane – A Ribbon for Search (Bing)

Bing and your browser help get the job done (Bing)

The Filter-ViewData anti-pattern (Jimmy Bogard)

Value Proposition for Agility (Brad Appleton)

MVC – The Anti-Controller Revolution Heats Up! (Brian Donahue)

Status of Wii MotionPlus Support for WiimoteLib (Brian Peek)

Architecture Journal Addresses Turbulent Times (Bruce Kyle)

How to Write Unmaintainable Code (Chad Myers)

Expert to Expert: Gur Kimchi – Inside Bing Maps (aka Virtual Earth) (Charles Torre)

Bogdan Mihalcea: The New VC++ Project/Build system – MSBuild for C++ (Charles Torre)

Mark Russinovich and David Solomon: Windows Internals 5 Released (Charles Torre)

The Morning Brew #371 (Chris Alcock)

The Morning Brew #372 (Chris Alcock)

One day with Balsamiq Mockups: a review (Christopher Bennage)

DeepFriedBytes Episode 33: Getting the Scoop About Olso and M with Shawn Wildermuth (Keith Elder & Chris Woodruff)

Task Parallel Library: Task Continuations (Dariusz Parys)

Task Parallel Library: Tasks (Dariusz Parys)

Task Parallel Library: Exception Handling (Dariusz Parys)

Does jQuery Make Us Lazy? (Dave M. Bush)

ASP.NET/VB.NET – Video Training (Dave M. Bush)

Silverlight Cream for June 19, 2009 — #617 (Dave Campbell)

Silverlight Cream for June 19, 2009 – 2 — #618 (Dave Campbell)

A Kanban Is Just A Signal To Do Work (Derick Bailey)

Episode #119: Exploring how to use Expressions w/ Spark (Derik Whittaker)

Visual Studio 2010: Web application packaging and publishing (Gunnar Peipman)

The Data Model Resource Book – Universal Data Models (Gunnar Peipman)

Visual Studio 2010: Brief view at debug history (Gunnar Peipman)

Use your legs, not your back (Eric Lippert)

Introduction to HealthVault Development #12: More than one person… (Eric Gunnerson)

Making a Unit Test Framework agnostic Assertion in C# (Eric Hexter)

Performance differences in the ASP.Net MVC View Engine when using two View Engines versus a single Composite View Engine. (Eric Hexter)

Hanselminutes on 9 – Why Aren’t There More WinForms Talks with Rocky Lhotka (Scott Hanselman)

Hanselminutes on 9 – The Death of the Professional Conference Speaker (Scott Hanselman)

If You’re Looking for Nothin But .Net . . . (Gregory Long)

How to avoid stepping into C++ class and function templates in the Visual Studio debugger (Habib H.)

__clrtype__ Metaclasses: Named Attribute Parameters (Harry Pierson)

Compatibility View and "Smart Defaults" (ieblog)

Microsoft veteran launches Twitter search engine (Ina Fried)

TestDriven.Net 2.22 RTM – What’s New? (Jamie Cansdale)

Perspectives on Technology from Tech Ed North America – Miguel Castro (Jas Dhaliwal)

Podcast #58 (Jeff Atwood)

Manning offers Alt.Net book series and 42% discount on them all (Jeffrey Palermo)

Death of the professional speaker? Will never happen (Jeffrey Palermo)

XBOX Project Natal (Jennifer Marsman)

Parallel.For in .NET 4.0 (Jennifer Marsman)

The Facade Pattern – Don’t Talk to Strangers (jfrankel)

Misfit Geek Podcast – Episode #2 Does VB have a Future ? (Joe Stagner)

Inside the Windows Application Server Enhancements known as Dublin (1/2) (Johan Lindfors)

Inside the Windows Application Server Enhancements known as Dublin (2/2) (Johan Lindfors)

Unimpressed by NodeIterator (John Resig)

Publishing an Office add-in to a SharePoint Site for Distribution (John Wiese)

Herding Code 50: Damien Guard on LINQ to SQL, Entity Framework, and Fontography (Jon Galloway)

Blend 3 – Great Feature #1 – Sample Data (jpelak)

Blend 3 – Great Feature #2 – Master/Details Screens (jpelak)

Blend 3 – Great Feature #3 – Silverlight Element Binding (jpelak)

Building Testable Applications Presentation (Justin Etheredge)

NHibnerate : Handling the Special Cases (Karl Seguin)


Take a Look at DirectX 11 (Larry)

Robotics Developer Studio 2008 R2 Available (Larry Larsen)

Functional Collection Parameters: A different way of thinking about collections (Mark Needham)

Do you change the default temp folder location on your live servers? (Martin Bell)

SQL Profiler and TEMP directory (Martin Bell)

Revisiting Memoization (Matthew Podwysocki)

David Chappell – The Microsoft Application Platform: A perspective (Matthijs Hoekstra)

Introducing .NET Services: Moving .NET to the Cloud (Matthijs Hoekstra)

Web Content Management with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (Matthijs Hoekstra)

From Concept to Production – Prototyping with Blend 3 & SketchFlow (Matthijs Hoekstra)

Taking Efficiency One Step Further – F# (Matthijs Hoekstra)

Whats new in Silverlight 3 part 2 (Matthijs Hoekstra)

What’s new in WF/WCF 4.0 (Matthijs Hoekstra)

An overview of the Oslo modeling platform (Matthijs Hoekstra)

Building Line of Business Applications with Silverlight 2 (Matthijs Hoekstra)

CloudNews for 18th June, 2009 (Mayank Gupta)

The Commodore 64 Emulator In Silverlight (Michael Ceranski)

ASP.NET MVC – Checkboxes and Search Flags (Michael Ceranski)

Which comes first the View or the ViewModel? (Monica Mork & Erik Mork)

The Ultimate Top 25 Chuck Norris “The Programmer” Jokes (Max Pool)

PDC09 (Mike Swanson)

Rich Client Applications and Windows 7 for Developers (Nigel)

SQL SERVER – Clustered Index on Separate Drive From Table Location (Pinal Dave)

SQL SERVER – Why You Should Attend PASS Summit Unite 2009- Seattle (Pinal Dave)

Sod This 5 – Women in Technology ( (Oliver Sturm and Gary Short))

PowerBoots 0.2 is Now Available (PowerShellTeam)

Principles of Design Series: Learning about Emphasis using Expression Design (pubteam)

Principles of Design Series: Learning about Symmetry and Asymmetry using Expression Design (pubteam)

Observing And Understanding Genuine Builders – Part 11 (Rajiv Popat)

How do ASP.NET Application_ Events Work (Rick Strahl)

Introducing CustomerFu (Rob Bazinet)

Tool Shed Tooltip #7: VSTO from Episode 1 (Russell Fustino)

Toolshed Tooltip #8 – Developer Community Update from Episode 2 (Russell Fustino)

What’s happening with FubuMVC and Where’s Ryan been? (Ryan Kelley)

New and Notable 333 (Sam Gentile)

CloudNews for 17th June, 2009 (Sameer Gupta)

CloudNews for 19th June, 2009 (Sameer Gupta)

Now on Bing: Find Out How Much that Job Pays (Sarah Perez)

Final Six ASP.NET Hosting Tutorials Now Online (Scott Mitchell)

2009.06.19 jQuery Secrets with Dave Ward ( (Craig Shoemaker))

Intellisense and objects created on the fly (Simon Sabin)

How We Did It: (sptblog)

Having Fun With OPENQUERY And Update,Delete And Insert Statements (Denis Gobo)

Use FOR XML AUTO,TYPE, ELEMENTS to get XML in the format you really want with SQL Server FOR XML Syntax (Denis Gobo)

Office 2010: Presentation Slides and SharePoint WorkSpace (Stephen Chapman)

Good Code Coverage Is Never Enough (Stephen Ward)

Community Radio Episode Two (Steve Andrews)

Links (6/18/2009) (Steve Pietrek)

Interview with Scott Bellware and Scott Hanselman on the Death of the Professional Speaker (Ted Neward)

The History of Microsoft – 1994 (Tina)

VS Addin: Fast Add Reference Dialog – No more Coffee Break! (Tuna Toksoz)

Tip #81: Did you know… How to Select the CSS Schema for Intellisense and CSS Properties? (WebDevTools)

Tip #82: Did you know… How to migrate Visual Studio 2005 Web Application Project to Visual Studio 2008 (WebDevTools)

Developing for the Windows 7 Taskbar – Application ID (Yochay Kiriaty)

Developing for the Windows 7 Taskbar – Application ID – Part 2 (Yochay Kiriaty)


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