Dew Dump – June 18, 2009


YADD (yet another Dew Dump) for your clicking pleasure while I enjoy my vacation at the NJ shore. It’s everything you would normally find in a Dew Drop post, without any categorization, formatting, etc. I’ll be back with the standard Dew Drop posts on Monday, June 22nd.


Deep zooming on the fly ((author unknown))

WPF Toolkit DataGrid Part IV: TemplateColumns and Row Grouping | Samuel Moura’s DevUX ((author unknown))

Using ASP.NET 3.5’s ListView and DataPager Controls: Inserting Data ((author unknown))

Creating an Organizational Chart using C#: Part 1 ((author unknown))

Jason Diller and Daniel Crenna on TweetSharp ((author unknown))

WPF in PowerShell: PowerBoots 0.2 ((author unknown))

In ASP.NET, How To Create a DropDownList from an ENUM (admin)

Regular hexagons in Adobe Illustrator (Algorithms for the masses – julian m bucknall )

Using jQuery with ASP.NET Part 2: Making an AJAX Callback to ASP.NET (ASP.NET Daily Articles)

LINKBLOG for June 17, 2009 (AZuidhof)

More on Late-Bound Invocations with Expression Trees (bogardj)

Mozilla pushes out Firefox 3.5 release candidate (Brad Linder)

Using CSS specificity to better organize your JavaScript (Brian)

Expert to Expert: Gur Kimchi – Inside Bing Maps (aka Virtual Earth) (Charles)

The Morning Brew #371 (Chris Alcock)

Episode 33: Getting the Scoop About Olso and M with Shawn Wildermuth ( (Keith Elder & Chris Woodruff))

Versioning Your Silverlight Application (cschuman)

Task Parallel Library: Task Continuations (Dariusz Parys)

Task Parallel Library: Tasks (Dariusz Parys)

Task Parallel Library: Exception Handling (Dariusz Parys)

Visual Studio Links #119 (Darren Stokes)

Silverlight Cream for June 17, 2009 — #616 (Dave Campbell)

Nordic Track Book Club Review: The Extreme Future (daveburke)

Interested in Cloud Computing and local to the Philly area? Check out the Windows Azure Firestarter this Saturday in Malvern, PA (davedev)

A new and improved ASP.NET MVC T4 template (David Ebbo’s blog)

New Episode: Roger Sessions on Simple Architectures for Complex Enterprises (dboynton)

Episode #119: Exploring how to use Expressions w/ Spark (Donn Felker)

SharePoint: Using classes for workflow association data (DigiMortal)

Visual Studio 2010: Web application packaging and publishing (DigiMortal)

The Data Model Resource Book – Universal Data Models (DigiMortal)

Using Repository and Unit of Work patterns with Entity Framework 4.0 (dpblogs)

Hands on with the Windows 7 Touch Pack (Ed Bott)

Good Search Capabilities Often Trump Good Logic (

Opinionated Input Builders – Part 8 the Auto Form (erichexter)

How to select and edit multiple columns in Visual Studio 2008 [Video] (habibh)

Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Technet videos (hanuk)

__clrtype__ Metaclasses: Positional Attribute Parameters (Harry Pierson)

Compatibility View and "Smart Defaults" (ieblog)

Visual Studio 2010 .net debugging resource (If broken it is, fix it you should : ASP.NET)

Microsoft veteran launches Twitter search engine (Ina Fried)

Perspectives on Technology from Tech Ed North America – Miguel Castro (Jas Dhaliwal)

The Technology Post for June 16th, 2009 (Jason N. Gaylord)

Podcast #58 (Jeff Atwood)

We Done Been … Framed! (Jeff Atwood)

Bytes by MSDN mini vidcasts available (Jeffrey Palermo)

Mystery Code Theater Presents ‘Dr. Serializer and the Case of the Mysterious Failing Unit Tests” (Jeremy Jarrell)

Kindle Source Code Release: What Does It Mean? (Jim Minatel)

Inside the Windows Application Server Enhancements known as Dublin (1/2) (Johan Lindfors)

Inside the Windows Application Server Enhancements known as Dublin (2/2) (Johan Lindfors)

More resources to help you get compatible with Windows 7 (jpelak)

Blend 3 – Great Feature #1 – Sample Data (jpelak)

The New Era of Programming Languages (kirk)

Take a Look at DirectX 11 (Larry)

MVVM light toolkit (Silverlight edition) posted (Laurent Bugnion)

You might hate it, but would you use IE8 for $10,000? (Lee Mathews)

ViewData Dictionary vs. View typed Model (Louis)

Revised: ASP.NET MVC and the Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) (maartenba)

XSLT Timer Released on Code Gallery (Marcelo’s WebLog)

Performance and Memory Milestones in CodeRush and Refactor! Pro – Preview of 9.2 (Mark Miller (Developer Express))

F#: Using C# Extension Methods (markhneedham)

Do you change the default temp folder location on your live servers? (MartinBell)

The Commodore 64 Emulator In Silverlight (Michael Ceranski)

24 JavaScript Best Practices for Beginners (Misfit Geek: msft)

Windows 7: Experimenting with Multi-Touch on Windows 7 ( Part 1 ) (mtaulty)

Windows 7: Experimenting with Multi-Touch on Windows 7 ( Part 2 ) (mtaulty)

Rich Client Applications and Windows 7 for Developers (Nigel)

SQL SERVER – List Schema Name and Table Name for Database (pinaldave)

SQL SERVER – Clustered Index on Separate Drive From Table Location (pinaldave)

Sod This 5 – Women in Technology ( (Oliver Sturm and Gary Short))

Principles of Design Series: Learning about Rhythm using Expression Design (pubteam)

Principles of Design Series: Learning about Emphasis using Expression Design (pubteam)

Observing And Understanding Genuine Builders – Part 10 (Rajiv Popat)

Tool Shed Tooltip #6: WPF Styling from Episode 1 (Russell Fustino)

New and Notable 332 (Sam Gentile’s Blog (if (DeveloperTask == Communication && OS == Windows) )

CloudNews for 17th June, 2009 (Sameer Gupta)

Now on Bing: Find Out How Much that Job Pays (sarahintampa)

Functional Programming Battles GOTOzilla (scott)

When a query plan goes wrong (simonsabin)

Intellisense and objects created on the fly (simonsabin)

Dealing with A transport-level error has occurred when sending the request to the server errors (SQLDenis)

Having Fun With OPENQUERY And Update,Delete And Insert Statements (SQLDenis)

Quickly Set a Form to a User’s Working Area Size and Location (Srinath M)

TFS Web Access – How Far Does it Scale? (StephanieSaad)

TFS 2010 Version Control: Branching and Branch Hierarchy (Subodh Sohoni)

You can do the TODOs today too! (Tales from the Evil Empire : ASP.NET)

Windows 7 – dry run or how things should be done to correct old mistakes (Tamir Khason – Just code)

Interview with Scott Bellware and Scott Hanselman on the Death of the Professional Speaker (Ted Neward)

#65 – SOLID as a rock ( (Dave Bost and Larry Clarkin))

Monitoring the Long-Term Health of .NET Applications (Victor Mushkatin)

The newest, leanest and the meanest is here! (vijayeg)

New Editor Samples for Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 (vsxteam)

Tip #81: Did you know… How to use Web.Config transformation (WebDevTools)

Windows 7 Deep Dive Lab Event (Yochay Kiriaty)


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