Dew Dump – June 16, 2009

It’s another Dew Dump for you to enjoy while I enjoy my vacation at the not-so-sunny NJ shore. It’s everything you would normally find in a Dew Drop post, without any categorization, formatting, etc. I’ll be back with the standard Dew Drop posts on Monday, June 22nd.

LLVM – the future? ((author unknown))

A developer’s guide to load testing – video ((author unknown))

Paul Randal on Developers and Databases ((author unknown))

Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit 4.0 Beta Updated for Windows 7 & Windows Server 2008 R2 ((author unknown))

Stating the obvious ((author unknown))

Artist Themes for Google Chrome (Alex Chitu)

Adventures with Silverlight 3.0 and SharePoint – Part 2 (ASP.NET Debugging : ASP.NET)

LINKBLOG for June 15, 2009 (AZuidhof)

Dynamics Duo Rides again (Ben Riga)

Dynamics Duo: Everybody needs an Identity (Ben Riga)

ARCast.TV – Roger Session on Simple Architectures for Complex Enterprises (Bob Familiar)

Why opinionated input builders for ASP.NET MVC? (bogardj)

How to Build Out-of-Browser Clients with Silverlight 3 (Bruce Kyle)

The Morning Brew #368 (Chris Alcock)

The Morning Brew #369 (Chris Alcock)

Dissecting JQuery text() (Chris Brandsma)

Learning Asp.Net MVC Framework (Chris Brandsma)

MVC Bizarro World (Chris Williams)

Isolating Dependencies in Tests Using Mocks and Stubs (Claudio Lasalla)

Episode 66: Robert Fischer on Groovy, Grails, GORM and more ( (Michael Kimsal))

Twitter comes to the Commodore 64 (Cory Doctorow)

Parallel Tasks – new Visual Studio 2010 debugger window (Daniel Moth)

Gimmie My XPath (dan-sullivan)

Twitter From ASP.NET – Direct Messages (Dave)

Programming SEO – Ping (Dave)

Silverlight Cream for June 14, 2009 — #613 (Dave Campbell)

Silverlight Cream for June 15, 2009 — #614 (Dave Campbell)

Prism Quick Start Kit Update (David Hill’s WebLog)

Joining NHibernate Transaction with ADO SqlTransaction (Derik Whittaker)

Code Contracts Primer – Part 4: Utilizing Pre & Post Conditions (Derik Whittaker)

Episode #118: Exploring Code Contracts: Taking a look at Pre/Post Conditions (Derik Whittaker)

Visual Studio 2010: Web.config transforms (DigiMortal)

Silverlight 3 Beta (Dmitry Lyalin)

System.Data.OracleClient Update (dpblogs)

Microsoft fumbles the digital TV transition (Ed Bott)

Making it easier (Eric Lippert)

Events This Week – June 15th, 2009 (gduthie)

Weekly Links #57 (Grant)

Importing and exporting breakpoints in Visual Studio 2010 (habibh)

__clrtype__ Metaclasses: Simple Custom Attributes (Harry Pierson)

Lean Software Development (J.D. Meier)

Issue with ADO.NET Sync Services and SQL Server 2000 (Jason N. Gaylord)

The Technology Post for June 15th, 2009 (Jason N. Gaylord)

Url Shorteners: Destroying the Web Since 2002 (Jeff Atwood)

Speeding up the build – ditch the SSD and go for the RAM drive (Jeffrey Palermo)

Fill My Prism Region, Please (John Papa)

Help! Why can’t I use DataTriggers with controls in WPF? (Josh Twist)

Merging XPS Documents (Josh Twist)

Life After Loops ( (Justin Etheredge))

Quick Tip: Outline Elements on Hover (Karl Swedberg)

Importing Large Xml Files to SQL Server Using SqlBulkCopy (Kim)

Agile Architecture Requires Modularity (kirk)

Getting a coding workout (Larry Clarkin)

Ping 16: MS kills Money, Browser for the Better, free anti-virus, Hulu on Media Center (Laura Foy)

MVVM light toolkit for WPF and Silverlight (Laurent Bugnion)

Who’s Driving the Bus? (Lee Cunningham)

Morro screenshots leak…Here are some more exciting Morro images (Lee Mathews)

C#/F#: Using .NET framework classes (Mark Needham)

Functional Collection Parameters: Handling the null collection (Mark Needham)

Book Club: Arguments and Results (James Noble) (Mark Needham)

Table Variables and OUTPUT clause (MartinBell)

Yet another blog posting on BCP and Temporary Tables!!! (MartinBell)

CloudNews for 16th June, 2009 (Mayank Gupta)

Review of The MSDN Road Show (Michael Ceranski)

Enumerations, structs and Extension Methods (Michael Cummings)

New York Times Silverlight Kit version 1.0.7 Released (Michael S. Scherotter)

An Early Look at Silverlight Model-View-ViewModel Toolkit 1 (michael.sync)

Silverlight: Product Maintenance Application ( Part 5 – Running the app and thinking about WPF ) (mtaulty)

TUTORIAL: How To Create A SetTimeout Function In Silverlight ( (Jeff Blankenburg))

BI for the IT Guy (or Gal) ( (Ted Malone))

Resisting Dependency Injection (Patrick)

SQL SERVER – Query Optimizer Hint ROBUST PLAN – Question to You (pinaldave)

Kudos to the Win7 Diagnostics Team (PowerShellTeam)

Mozilla puts Safari’s ’11 million downloads’ in perspective (pthurrott)

Principles of Design Series: Learning about Balance using Expression Design (pubteam)

Photobucket Visual Search launches, powered by Silverlight and Windows Live! (pubteam)

Visual Studio Gallery Updates (Quan)

Radio TFS 22: Dogfooding TFS (

Weekly Link Post 98 (Rhonda Tipton)

Adobe AIR Zooms Past 200 Million Installs, And We Have Some Apps To Recommend (Robin Wauters)

Questions every team and dev lead should ask themselves (RoyOsherove)

Tool Shed Tooltip #3: SysInternals from Episode 1 (Russell Fustino)

Tool Shed Tooltip #4: Fiddler from Episode 1 (Russell Fustino)

New and Notable 331 (Sam Gentile’s Blog (if (DeveloperTask == Communication && OS == Windows) )

Windows Azure and Cloud Computing Posts for 6/15/2009+ (Sam Gentile’s Blog (if (DeveloperTask == Communication && OS == Windows) )

CloudNews for 15th June, 2009 (Sameer Gupta)

Windows API Code Pack 0.90 (sashag)

ASP.NET MVC Translated for the Web Forms Programmer (3 in a series) (schipps)

SharePoint and End User Adoption-Episode 25 (SharePoint Pod Show Admin)

Review Of Beginning Spatial With SQL Server 2008 (SQLDenis)

Listing All The User-Defined Data Types That Were Created On Your SQL Server (SQLDenis)

TFS Project Management and Beta 1 (StephanieSaad)

Windows 7 RTM Escrow Build 7260! (Stephen Chapman)

Windows 7 on a Dinosaur! (Stephen Chapman)

Windows 7 RTM Escrow Build 7260 x86 Leaks, Screenshots (Stephen Chapman)

Joining the ASP.NET AJAX Feature Team (Stephen Walther)

Links (6/15/2009) (Steve Pietrek)

Spawn tasks to implement newly added ‘Requirement’ or ‘User Story’ in Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2010 (Subodh Sohoni)

Mocking indexer setters with Moq (Tales from the Evil Empire : ASP.NET)

Episode 138: Learning as a Part of Development with Allan Kelly ( (SE-Radio Team))

Google readying microblog search? (Tom Krazit)

Tip #79: Did you know… How to quickly comment and uncomment in your web pages? (WebDevTools)

Tip #80: Did you know… How to show JScript validation errors as warnings? (WebDevTools)

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