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Dew Drop – March 5, 2014 (#1736)

Top Links Upcoming .NET NuGet Releases (Richard Lander) Knockout.js 3.1 Released (Ryan Niemeyer) Implementing CRUD Activities in a TypeScript ViewModel (Peter Vogel) Repositories On Top UnitOfWork Are Not a Good Idea (Rob Conery)   Web Development The JavaScript Alternatives (Andrew Binstock) ASP.NET MVC 5 Lifecycle Document Published (Cephas Lin) Add a touch gamepad to your […]

Dew Drop – January 6, 2014 (#1695)

Top Links Hooray for Durandal (nextGen) (Ward Bell) Supporting Durandal (John Papa) On Duck Typing (Glenn Block) Duck Typing Is More Than Quackery (Phil Haack) A Coder, a Programmer, a Hacker, a Developer, and a Computer Scientist walk into a Venn Diagram (Scott Hanselman) Just released Prism for the Windows Runtime on Windows 8.1 (Blaine […]

Dew Drop – December 4, 2013 (#1676)

Top Links Microsoft’s ‘Project Spark’ beta arrives on Windows 8.1, lets you create an Xbox One game (Tom Warren) Xamarin Studio 4.2 Enhancements (Mike Bluestein) Knockout Projections – a plugin for efficient observable array transformations (Steve Sanderson) Which Windows Azure Cloud Architecture? PaaS or IaaS ? (Hanu Kommalapati)   Web Development Binding a TypeScript ViewModel […]

Dew Drop – October 9, 2013 (#1,641)

Top Links VS 2012.4 and TFS 2012.4 RC 4 is available (Brian Harry) Kickstarter – AppsAmuck: Over 30 New Online iPhone App Development Lessons (Chris Craft) How to Create a Custom Icenium Project Template in Visual Studio (Jim Cowart) Knockout 3.0 Release Candidate available (Steve Sanderson)   Web Development HTML5 Sparkline chart for data-intense, small-scale […]