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Dew Drop – January 2, 2009

  Design / Methodology / Testing Managing Agile (Diana Larsen) Functional Programming Unit Testing – Part 5 (Matthew Podwysocki) Reading: Designing for the Social Web (Nikhil Kothari) DI/IOCs (Sacha Barber)   .NET / Visual Studio NH Prof Is in Public Beta (Oren Eini) Writing a Simple Windows Live Writer Plugin (Julian M. Bucknall) Creating T-SQL […]

Dew Drop – December 30, 2008

  Design / Methodology / Testing Documenting Your SharePoint Application Design – Part 2, The Process (Rob Foster) Discussion: OO 101 Solutions and the Open Close Principle at the Architecture Level (Oren Eini) The Injected Context (Jarod Ferguson) Teaching Someone to Test Using an Isolation Framework (Derik Whittaker)   Web Development Emulating Classical Inheritance in […]

Dew Drop – December 29, 2008

  .NET / Visual Studio MSchema: An Example – Part 1 (Shawn Wildermuth) Array Slicing Extension Method (Fredrik Eriksson) Making the Entity Framework Fit Your Domain – Part 1 (Justin Etheredge)   Silverlight / WPF Exploring a Model-View-ViewModel Application; WPF Password Manager, Cipher Text (Karl Shifflett) Silverlight ToolTips – Positioning and Customizing (Corey Schuman) Security […]