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Dew Drop – February 19, 2014 (#1726)

Top Links Introducing ASP.NET Project “Helios” and Supplemental to ASP.NET Project “Helios” (Levi Broderick) 101 [+ 7] C# LINQ samples, one project… (Greg Duncan) Why shall I use Application Insights? (Matteo Emili) The World’s Simplest AngularJS Example in Visual Studio (Deborah Kurata)   Web Development What is the difference between JavaScript null and undefined? (Mitch […]

Dew Drop – January 16, 2014 (#1703)

Top Links Visually Creating Snippets (Ala Shiban & Maya Arbel) Roslyn performance (Matt Gertz) Debugging Internet Explorer – A Beginner’s Guide (Eric Lawrence) ATBG: inconsistent equality (Eric Lippert)   Web Development JavaScript Kinetic Scrolling: Part 5 (Cover Flow Effect) (Ariya Hidayat) The Next Phase of Node.js (Isaac Z. Schlueter) Some notes on using Organizational Auth […]

Dew Drop – October 11, 2013 (#1,643)

Top Links Asynchronous Operations with Xamarin (Wallace McClure) Leveraging your XAML MVVM Skills in HTML – Handling Click Events (Derik Whittaker) 30 Days of TDD – Day 13 – More Stub Features (James Bender) Web Development Trends: Mobile First, Data-Oriented Development, and Single Page Applications (Dan Wahlin)   Web Development Revealing Module Pattern in JavaScript […]