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Dew Drop – August 18, 2017 (#2545)

Top Links Draft – .NET Glossary Diagram (Scott Hanselman) Progress Telerik UI for UWP Joins the .NET Foundation (Dobrin Grancharov) Send ETag headers in ASP.NET Core (Mads Kristensen) Announcing TypeScript 2.5 RC (Daniel Rosenwasser) Web & Cloud Development JavaScript for Microcontrollers and IoT: A Web Server (Sebastián Peyrott) Optimizing JavaScript and solving the halting problem: […]

Dew Drop – July 15, 2014 (#1814)

Top Links Project Siena Beta 3: Enabling business users to create custom apps to transform business processes (S.Somasegar) Welcome to ReactiveUI 6.0 (Paul Betts) Third Party Dev Tools Strike Back (Rockford Lhotka) Microsoft Challenges Google’s Artificial Brain With ‘Project Adam’ (Daniela Hernandez)   Web Development Ensure You Are Not Adding To Global Scope in JavaScript […]