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Dew Drop – August 22, 2012 (#1,386)

Top Links RegEx Pixie (Jon von Gillern) The Unofficial Windows 8 Developer FAQ (Scott Barnes) MEF and TPL Dataflow NuGet Packages for .NET Framework 4.5 (Immo Landwerth) WinJS: Unpacking Promises (Christopher Bennage)   .NET / Visual Studio Develop Faster with Customized Visual Studio Templates (Joe Kunk) Improving Map/Reduce performance in RavenDB and My absolute favorite […]

Dew Drop – July 27, 2012 (#1,373)

Top Links Windows Azure and Office 365 (Scott Guthrie) jQuery 1.8 RC1 Released (Dave Methvin) A Gesture-Driven Windows Phone To-Do List (Colin Eberhardt) Windows Phone 8 Detailed in SDK Leak (Paul Thurrott)   .NET / Visual Studio RavenDB Changes API on the wire (Oren Eini) Adding Paragraph Breaks to XML Documentation (Richard Carr) How Visual […]

Dew Drop – July 25, 2012 (#1,371)

Top Links .NET Reflector in Visual Studio 2012 (Roger Hart) INotifyPropertyChanged Support in ReSharper 7 (Dmitri Nesteruk) An Introduction and Thoughts on Developing iOS Applications with MonoTouch (Colin Eberhardt) 8 in 6… Getting up to speed on developing for Windows 8 in 6 weeks, with this plan and a whole bunch of links (Greg Duncan) […]