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Dew Drop – October 31, 2013 (#1,657)

Top Links Tucking ViewModels Beneath Views in Solution Explorer in Visual Studio 2013 (Karl Shifflett) Here we go again: will current Windows Phones upgrade to 8.1? (Kip Kniskern) Xamarin, Microsoft and .NET Rocks! Hit the Road (Joseph Hill) Visual Studio 2012 tools for Git RTM (Brian Harry)   Web Development The Differences Between HTML Form […]

Dew Drop – April 22, 2009

  Web Development Cropping image using jQuery, Jcrop and ASP.NET (Miron Abramson) Dynamically Generating and Caching Images in ASP.NET with the GeneratedImage Control (Scott Mitchell) jQuery Auto-Complete Text Box with ASP.NET MVC (Ben Scheirman) Lazy Loading jQuery Tabs with ASP.NET (Mike) The two ways one writes JavaScript code.. (Jay Kimble) UrlRewrite – Virtual Directories and […]