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Dew Drop – January 19, 2009

  Happy MLK Day to all!   .NET / Visual Studio F# vs C# vs Java: Functional Collection Parameters (Mark Needham) Conditional Object Construction in StructureMap (i.e. Fun with Lambdas) (Jeremy D. Miller) Mono vs. .NET Framework: Public API Compatibility (Patrick Smacchia) – Link of the Day Dynamic Data – Cascading FieldTemplates (Stephen Naughton) Building […]

Dew Drop – January 17, 2009

Web Development jQuery, JSON, and ASP.NET (Dave M. Bush) Writing an Archive Calendar, Part 4 and Part 4a and Part 4b (Julian M. Bucknall) DomainDataSource Server Control: LINQ + Code Generation (Nikhil Kothari) SYTYAWD #4 Using Regular Expressions in JavaScript (Jeff McWherter) Abstracting Request State (Davy Brion) Use an Envelope Element in RESTful WCF Service […]

Dew Drop – January 14, 2009

  Design / Methodology / Testing In Search of Wild Repository (Mike Hadlow) Unit Testing in VB.NET – with TypeMock Isolator (Roy Osherove) Hardcoding Considered Harmful – or Is It? (Jeffrey Palermo) Improving Our Industry: It’s Time to Educate Outward, to Improve Inward (Derick Bailey) TDD Using Dependency Injection – Step 1. Refactoring (Andrew Woodward) […]